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What are iTunes compilations?

What are iTunes compilations?

A compilation is an album by a bunch of differnt artists such as “Now That What I Call Music” series or sometimes a “Greatest Hits” album. It can also be used if an artist has an album with a bunch of different guest artists.

How do I get rid of compilations in iTunes?

You cannot completely disable compilations within iTunes. See Grouping tracks into albums for some general advice. In some cases you should set Part of a compilation to off and provide a common Album Artist, but even then iTunes may continue to recognize an album with multiple artists as a compilation.

How do I organize compilations in iTunes?

Your albums should be listed alphabetically in the separate Compilations section. For the albums that aren’t sorted alphabetically: Select the album. Go to Edit> Get Info> Sorting. Make sure the Album and Sort As fields on the top are correct.

How do artists move compilations?

To do this globally, simply open your Music Library in iTunes, select “Select All” from iTunes “Edit” menu, and then choose “Get Info” from the “File” menu. Then, check the box next to the “Part of a compilation” area, which should display “No” by default. Make sure you haven’t checked anything else, then click “OK.”

Why do bands release compilation albums?

These are creative, successful forms of promotion for artists or record labels to promote their music. Generally, these types of releases are free or cost very little for the consumer or end listener.

How do I move albums out of compilations in iTunes?

If you don’t like this organization method, all you have to do to revert it is to simply deselect the “Part of a compilation” checkbox for the affected tracks. To do this globally, simply open your Music Library in iTunes, select “Select All” from iTunes “Edit” menu, and then choose “Get Info” from the “File” menu.

Do I have iTunes Match?

On iOS, open Settings, and then choose Music > iCloud Music Library. Turn on iCloud Music Library in iTunes. You can subscribe to either iTunes Match or Apple Music from the Account menu in iTunes. If you’re already signed into these services, you won’t see the iTunes Match and Apple Music menu items.

How do I create an album of artists on iTunes?

If you’re using the Music app, go to File > Import. Find the folder and click Select Folder to add the album into iTunes or the Music app. In the Details section, click in the field for Album Artist and change the artist name to the same name you previously used to create the new folder.

What does compilations mean in music?

A compilation album is a general term used to refer to a music release made of up of songs that not intended to be viewed as a single work. Compilation albums are frequently referred to as “comps” and are often comprised of tracks by various artists.

How do I make an album a compilation on iTunes?

For this reason, iTunes has a compilation tag that you can set to give special status to these “various artist” collections. Setting an album as a compilation—or not—is easy to do. Select all its tracks, then press Command-I, and click the Options tab. Choose Yes or No from the Part Of A Compilation menu, then click OK.

Where do iTunes compilations go?

One final curiosity related to compilations. Since iTunes doesn’t record these albums by the names of their artists, it stores the files in a special way. In your iTunes Media (on iTunes Music) -> Music folder, you’ll find a folder named Compilations with all of albums tagged as such.

Why isn’t my album in the compilation category on iTunes?

It’s a shame Apple doens’t supply a proper guide on how to manage your tags for the ultimate result in iTunes. To add to this if even one of the tracks in a compilation is by the same album artist who made the compilation the album will not appear in the compilation category.

What is a compilation album?

First, what exactly is a compilation? Technically, it’s an album with multiple artists but not, for example, a best-of album by a single artist (although the iTunes Store does in fact consider many Greatest Hits albums to be compilations).