Was Lars and the Real Girl based on a true story?

Was Lars and the Real Girl based on a true story?

In The Real Story of Lars and the Real Girl, a special feature on the DVD release of the film, screenwriter Nancy Oliver reveals the inspiration for her script was an actual website,, which is featured prominently in the film. While researching “weird websites” for an article, Oliver found

What is the message of Lars and the Real Girl?

Lars and The Real Girl is a sweet movie that shows the power of true community integration. It’s the story of a young man who needs help and finds it with his family, friends, co-workers and church. It’s the kind of story that needs to be told more often in the face of the cynical stories told today.

How old is Lars from Lars and the Real Girl?

‘ The film is set in winter in an unnamed small town in a Midwestern state, northern Minnesota or Michigan most likely (it was actually shot in Ontario), and the central character is Lars Lindstrom, a pathologically shy 27-year-old working in some sort of office.

What happens at the end of Lars and the Real Girl?

Eventually, Bianca falls “terminally ill” (importantly, Lars himself makes this determination). Bianca dies in Lars’s arms. The town comes to the funeral to say goodbye to her. The film ends with Lars and Margo seeming to connect, with a promise of a future “real relationship.”

Who wrote Lars and the Real Girl?

Nancy OliverLars and the Real Girl / Screenplay

Who produced Lars and the Real Girl?

John Cameron
Sidney KimmelSarah Aubrey
Lars and the Real Girl/Producers

Does Lars have a mental illness?

Instead, she casually diagnoses Lars as having a delusion disorder and rationalizes his mental illness by calling it a “communication facilitator” (“Lars”).

Does Lars have autism?

But a number of people in the Aspie community have insisted that Lars is also autistic. After all, he compares being touched to an excruciating burn-like sensation and he continuously rejects offers of social interaction.

What is wrong with Lars?

Lars has schizoid personality disorder. He is not interested in close relationships or in being part of his family. He prefers spending time by himself, and he doesn’t show much emotion. When he is presented with opportunities to form connections with others, he tries to avoid them.

Why does Lars create Bianca?

Just as a child might make their dolls argue to mirror a schoolyard squabble, Bianca is both a response to Lars’ anxieties and a reflection of them. Toys play a crucial role in developing an emotional connection with oneself.

Does Amy Farrah Fowler have Aspergers?

While Sheldon Cooper may be the favorite among most viewers of “The Big Bang Theory,” those in the Aspie community seem to favor Sheldon’s long-time girlfriend, Amy Farrah Fowler. Amy, an Aspie, tends to present a more balanced view of those on the autism spectrum.