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Is The Whipping Boy appropriate?

Is The Whipping Boy appropriate?

Book Review This adventure by Sid Fleischman is published by HarperCollins Publishers and is written for kids ages 6 to 10.

Does The Whipping Boy have a movie?

Film adaptation Fleischman’s book was adapted in the 1994 television film The Whipping Boy starring Truan Munro, Nic Knight, George C. Scott, and Kevin Conway, and directed by Sydney MacArtney.

What does whipping boy stand for?

A scapegoat
whipping boy. A scapegoat, as in This department’s always been the whipping boy when things don’t go well. This expression alludes to the former practice of keeping a boy to be whipped in place of a prince who was to be punished. [

What grade level is The Whipping Boy?

The Whipping Boy

Interest Level Reading Level ATOS
Grades 4 – 8 Grades 2 – 5 3.9

Who whipped the prince in the whipping boy?

3. When Hold Your Nose Billy and Cutwater found Jemmy and Prince Brat, and wound up whipping the real prince.

Where does the term whipping boy come from?

A whipping boy is a fall guy, a scapegoat. Whipping boy was an official position in the English royal court during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. A high-born boy was chosen to be the companion to a royal prince, he was educated with the prince and received many of the privileges of royalty.

How did the whipping boy end?

The boys are finally back in the palace. When Prince Brat tells the king that Jemmy was responsible for his safe return home, the king gives Jemmy protection and declares he will no longer serve as the whipping boy.

What happened to whipping boy?

The group split up in 1998 after being dropped by Columbia, leaving a third album unreleased. The self-titled album was eventually released in 2000 on their own Low Rent label. The band reformed in September 2005, announcing several Irish dates. The original line-up disbanded finally in 2006.

What does Blue boy mean?

the police
informal. a humorous name for the police.

What is the main problem in the whipping boy?

The main conflict in the novel is between Jemmy and Prince Brat, who each have their own reasons for escaping the castle but don’t always agree between themselves.

What is the moral of the whipping boy?

Power and Social Position. As the story begins, the prince’s prank introduces the reader to the whipping boy and the theme of power begins. Neither boy has chosen his situation in life.

Why did the prince take Jemmy with him?

The scoundrels plot to use Jemmy, whom they assume is royalty because he can write, as a hostage to obtain ransom money and jewels from the king. When the two boys finally escape from the scoundrels’ hut (after Prince Brat has double-crossed Jemmy), they find themselves lost in the forest.