Is the postal exam 473 online?

Is the postal exam 473 online?

All tests, including the 473 and 473-C/E exams, are scheduled when you apply online. When you apply you will be asked to register, complete an application, and take an initial online un-proctored exam.

What is a passing score for USPS exam 473?

What is a Good Score for the USPS Assessment Test? In order to pass the USPS Exam, you’ll need to achieve a score of at least 70. This, however, doesn’t mean that you’re going to secure a job by simply scoring 70. The passing grade marks the bare minimum you need to achieve in order to be considered for the role.

What happens if you fail the USPS exam?

If you fail, you must wait one year. The four new tests are exams 474, 475, 476 & 477. As with all Postal exams, your score is the key to getting a job.

How do I take the postal exam 473?

– Post Office Exams. Examinations cover the majority of entry level hiring although some offices also maintain custodial registers which, by law, are reserved for veteran preference eligibles. – Skills Tests. – 473 Exam Outline. – Examination List & Sample Tests. – Test-Taking Strategies.

How to pass the postal 473 exam?

– For example, look over the Domestic Claim or Registered Mail Inquiry form to get a sense of what sort of information is asked for on USPS forms and how it – The most difficult aspect of these questions may be dealing with ambiguous wording. – Get used to looking to the fine print for guidance in understanding forms.

How long to wait after passing 473 exam?

How long to wait after passing 473 exam? This information is provided at the bottom of your Notice of Result. For example, for Exam 473, you must wait at least 120 days until you can take the exam again. This retest period applies whether you failed the online or proctored assessment.

What is a good score on the postal exam 473?

Test 473 requires a minimum score of 70. Acceptable test scores range from 70 to 100 and are called the basic rating. Click to see full answer. Hereof, is an 82 a good score on USPS Exam 473? 15 answers Is a 76 a good score for the test to be hired?