Is the Mirror Bible accurate?

Is the Mirror Bible accurate?

The author has written this book from his own perspective and not that of a transliteration or translation from the original languages. It is full of ERRONEOUS concepts and does not line up with true meaning or true contextual teachings from original GODLY intent.

Who wrote the mirror translation of the Bible?

Francois du Toit
The book on Hebrews by Francois du Toit was taken directly from his Mirror Bible. You can purchase the Mirror Bible here for under $30.00 and enjoy the entire book of Hebrews while saving some money.

What is the latest version of the Mirror Bible?

Mirror Study Bible Hard Cover Special Edition 1168 page 10th Edition 7 X 10 Inch, Wide Margin. Hardcover – April 6, 2021.

Where is mirror in the Bible?

MANY EVERYDAY OBJECTS make appearances in the Bible, either as utilities or as elements within figures of speech. Mirrors are among these, as in the book of Job 37:15-18, when Job’s friend Elihu challenges him: “Do you know how God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash? . . .

What is the mirror Translation Bible?

The Mirror Bible is a paraphrase translation from the original Greek text. The Mirror brings a fresh perspective to the table and while the detailed shades of every Greek word has been closely studied, it has been done with the person of Jesus Christ Himself and His finished work as the proper interpretative lens.

What is the mirror Study Bible?

The Mirror Bible is a transforming paraphrased translation that is simplistic, accurate, detailed and comprehensive, captivating and at the same time exuding intriguing spiritual revelation; it is divinely insightful and contemporary.

What is the mirror translation of the Bible?

How is the Bible like a mirror?

Steve Evans summarizes Kierkegaard’s insight: “The fundamen- tal purpose of God’s Word is to give us true self-knowledge; it is a real mirror, and when we look at ourselves properly in it we see ourselves as God wants us to see ourselves.

When was the first Bible translated from Latin?

Latin Vulgate The Latin translation of the Bible written by St. Jerome, who was asked by Pope Damasus in 382 A.D. to bring order out of the proliferation of Old Latin versions which were in circulation. His translation became the standard Latin version of the Bible for the Western Latin-speaking Church.

What is God’s mirror principle?

When you look in the mirror of the Word, you see yourself, the Word. When your mind receives the revelation of who you really are inside, and accepts it by believing it, that’s when you begin putting “flesh” to the Word inside, the same way Jesus was the incarnated Word.

What is Francois du Toit’s translation of the Bible?

Francois du Toit has actually written a ‘translation’ (more of a paraphrase that butchers the original text) to support his theology (which is that you do not need to repent but only realise you are already like God – or you are God if you really understand his agenda).

What is Dudu Toit doing with the mirror Bible?

Du Toit plans to have a more complete Mirror Bible, including books from the Old Testament, at a future date.

What is the mirror Bible/mirror word?

What is the Mirror Bible/Mirror Word? The Mirror Bible is a new paraphrase by South African Bible teacher Francois du Toit. Mirror Word is the teaching ministry of Francois du Toit.

Who are Francois and Lydia du Toit?

The ministry site of Francois and Lydia du Toit. Teachers and Authors of the Mirror Study Bible, Devotional and Children’s books.