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Is the Agfa 35mm camera good?

Is the Agfa 35mm camera good?

It is a good general-purpose film, with a full range of smooth tones. There was plenty of detail in the images, despite the plastic lens. Considering this camera only has one setting, the film handled the exposures incredibly well. All the images on the roll came out evenly.

What is Ilford pan400?

Ilford Pan 400 film is said to be a reasonably fine grain emulsion with good sharpness and contrast. As the name suggests it is a panchromatic film (like most film stocks) which has good latitude and is easy to develop.

Is Ilford Pan good?

What kind of filter does an Agfa Silette have?

The camera was supplied with an ever ready case and a push on 30mm UV filter. The Silette range from Agfa covered a large number of cameras and ran from the 1950s through to the 1970s. The Super Silette range, as the name suggests, was a more advanced camera that the original Silette viwefinder type, adding rangefinder and light meter options.

When was the Agfa Super Silette L 35mm rangefinder camera made?

This is a review of the Agfa Super Silette L 35mm rangefinder camera made in Germany in about 1958. This was a camera I bought simply because is seemed to be a bargain. I found it for £4.99 described as “Agfa Camera? Optima model”, but I could see from the pictures that it was a Super Silette L.

When did the Agfa silette-1 come out?

The compact, inexpensive and easy to operate Agfa Silette-1 was introduced back in the early 1960s, when inexpensive and easy to operate cameras were a dime a dozen.

What kind of camera is the Agfa Super isolette?

Agfa Super Isolette 6 x 6 cm folding camera (1953-1958). Sample Images Intro Specs Performance Compared Usage Recommendations More Agfa Super Isolette (75mm f/3.5 Solinar lens, 29.5mm screw-in or 32mm slip-on filters, twelve exposures on 120 film, 29.5 oz./837g with film, 3.3’/1 m close focus, about $400 used).