Is the 2008 Nissan Murano reliable?

Is the 2008 Nissan Murano reliable?

Warranty Direct tells us that claim rates on Nissans are lower than average, and the company’s cars consistently do well in reliability surveys. We fully expect the Murano to follow other Nissan 4x4s like the Patrol and X-Trail and be extremely solid and reliable.

Is the Nissan Murano a good car?

Despite its rank, yes, the Nissan Murano is a good SUV. It has a powerful engine, a gentle ride, comfortable seats, and straightforward infotainment controls. The Nissan gets good fuel economy estimates too, and it has some of the highest safety and predicted reliability scores in the midsize SUV class .

Did Nissan make a 2008 Murano?

Nissan skipped the model year of 2008 with the introduction of the second generation Murano – as a model for 2009.

Is the 2008 Nissan Murano a 4WD?

Nissan Murano 2008 Overview The Murano can be considered a crossover vehicle, with its 4WD looks and car-like drive, but we’ll leave the 4WD classification for vehicles which truly cannot be categorised anywhere.

How much is a Nissan Murano 2008?

The Nissan Murano 2008 is priced from $5,990 for SUV Murano Ti….SUV.

Nissan Murano Models SPECS PRICE
Ti 3.5LRegular Unleaded Petrol CVT auto $2,600 – 4,400
Ti-L 3.5LRegular Unleaded Petrol CVT auto $2,700 – 4,620

How long will Nissan Murano last?

The average lifespan of the Nissan Murano is 200,000 miles, which means that with the average 15,000 miles driven per year, you can expect at least 13 years of service. As with most cars, case-to-case reports of longevity can vary based on a number of factors.

Is the Nissan Murano fast?

Is the Nissan Murano fast? The Murano isn’t particularly fast by some of today’s SUV standards, but always being powered by V-6 engines means every model is fast enough. Most versions can get you from 0 to 60 mph in less than 8 seconds and some versions have managed to get that time down closer to 7 seconds.