Is RMIT a good university in Australia?

Is RMIT a good university in Australia?

RMIT ranks 1st in Australia, 18th in Asia Pacific and 43rd globally on the Graduate Employment Rate. RMIT also ranks 61st globally and 13th in Asia Pacific on Partnership with Employers. A ranking of which are the best universities at engaging with employers.

Why is RMIT better than other universities?

By choosing RMIT, you are choosing a global university recognised for leadership and innnovation in technology, design and enterprise. You will learn from experts in your field of study, while benefitting from our strong industry connections and curriculum influenced by the latest industry trends.

Is Monash Uni better than RMIT?

Monash has a significantly better reputation than RMIT; it is one of Australia’s ‘Group of Eight’ elite universities and has the top ranked MBA program in Australia. You should also consider the Melbourne Business School which is part of the University of Melbourne; another excellent university. Good Luck.

Is RMIT private or public?

public research
RMIT University, officially the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), is a public research university in Melbourne, Australia.

Is RMIT Recognised?

Officially recognized by the Department of Education and Training of Australia, RMIT University (RMIT) is a very large (uniRank enrollment range: over-45,000 students) coeducational Australian higher education institution.

Why you have chosen RMIT over other universities in Australia?

Where is RMIT University Melbourne located?

Postal address: RMIT University, GPO Box 2476, Melbourne VIC 3001 Australia. Street address: 124 La Trobe Street, Melbourne VIC 3000. Hours: Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5.30pm, Australian Eastern Standard Time.

How many students are enrolled at RMIT University?

Total number of students who enrolled full-time in RMIT University in 2021 is around 33,227 with international students constituting around 10,916. Around 48% of the total student population are female students. At RMIT, admission is provided on the basis of students’ demonstrated capacity to succeed.

How do I contact RMIT?

General enquiries to RMIT Phone: +61 3 9925 2000 Postal address : RMIT University, GPO Box 2476, Melbourne VIC 3001 Australia Street address : 124 La Trobe Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Where is RMIT City Campus located?

RMIT’s City campus buildings span a large area of the north-east quarter of Melbourne’s central business district (CBD) and also extend over Victoria Street into Carlton. Driving directions and parking rules will vary depending on which building/s you need to visit.