Is Ninja Saga available for Android?

Is Ninja Saga available for Android?

Dear Ninjas, we just released an update to the stores. Android version is already available. It contains a lot of bug fixes, but we have also released the Advanced Jitsu Facility.

What is the strongest pet in Ninja Legends 2020?

Ultra-Beast combines 10 of the same Z-Master pets into a single stronger pet; this pet has stats that are 10 times higher than it’s Z-Master form.

What is the code for Ninja 2022?

Ninja Legends 2 codes [April 2022]

  • bossbattle300: 300 Shards.
  • epictower350: 350 Coins.
  • epicturrets450: 300 Shards.
  • Firstplanet250: 250 Shards.
  • newgame500: 500 Shards.
  • powers500: 500 Shards.
  • shurikencity500: 750 Coins.
  • treeninja400: 400 Coins.

What do I use gems for in Ninja legends?

Gems is also a currency in Ninja Legends. You can use gems for crystals too. Gems can also spawn in a huge chest in Winter Wonder Island. Right now, Gems are currently unused.

Can I play Ninja Saga on Android devices?

You can play Ninja Saga on your Android devices!! It’s one of the MOST POPULAR and BEST Ninja-themed RPG with 18 millions of fans around the world.

How does Ninjago Saga work?

Ninja Saga’s battles are taken in turns. As a result, players have time to chose what type of attack they want for each assault by choosing between different defenses, attacks or magic spells. Ninja Saga is a social game with RPG components, in which players can enjoy an experience very similar to the one from the Naruto universe.

What can I do in Ninja Saga?

Once you have chosen your character, you can start enjoying everything that Ninja Saga has to offer. You can train against other players, participate in missions in order to win money and experience, upgrade your character’s abilities, or even get pets that will help you in different ways.