Is Maniac Cop a sequel to Maniac?

Is Maniac Cop a sequel to Maniac?

Maniac Cop 2Maniac Cop / SequelManiac Cop 2 is a 1990 American action slasher film directed by William Lustig and written by Larry Cohen. It is the second installment in the Maniac Cop film series. Wikipedia

How many Maniac Cop movies are there?

Maniac Cop1988
Maniac Cop 21990Maniac Cop III: Badge of Silence1993
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Is Maniac Cop a zombie?

It’s not entirely clear how Cordell ends up coming back as a zombie to get his revenge on those who betrayed him – as well as whoever else gets in his way – as he was believed to be brain dead after the prison attack.

How many psycho cop movies are there?

Psycho Cop1989
Psycho Cop 21993
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What happened Maniac Cop?

While there, Matt was ambushed and killed by three inmates (so many of which Matt had helped incarcerate) in the shower room. The coroner who did the autopsy on Matt found that Matt showed very faint signs of life but was braindead.

Where was Maniac Cop filmed?

Maniac Cop was filmed in New York in the United States of America.

Which is the best Maniac Cop?

Without any further ado, here’s the Maniac Cop movies, ranked worst to best.

  1. Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence (1993) Maniac Cop is one of those rare horror franchises in which all the entries were written and directed by the same people.
  2. Maniac Cop 2 (1990)
  3. Maniac Cop (1988)

What happened Matt Cordell?

Who is Matt Cordell?

Matthew Cordell is the Caldecott Medal-winning author and illustrator of Wolf and the Snow, and the illustrator of numerous highly acclaimed children’s books including The Only Fish in the Sea and Special Delivery (by NY Times bestselling author, Philip C.

What is the movie Maniac Cop about?

Two New York policemen (Tom Atkins, Bruce Campbell) and a policewoman (Laurene Landon) search for a killer in uniform who should be dead.Maniac Cop / Film synopsis

Who owns the rights to Maniac Cop?

Maniac Cop
Distributed by Shapiro-Glickenhaus Entertainment
Release date May 13, 1988
Running time 85 minutes
Country United States

Is Maniac Cop a good movie?

Unlike most horror franchises, in which the original is the clear standout entry, Maniac Cop 2 comes very close to being better than the first film. Despite a small budget, Maniac Cop 2 features some excellent action sequences, as well as good practical effects work on Cordell’s murders.

Who are the actors in the movie Maniac Cop?

Maniac Cop. Maniac Cop is a 1988 American slasher film directed by William Lustig, written by Larry Cohen, and starring Tom Atkins, Bruce Campbell, Laurene Landon, Richard Roundtree, William Smith, Robert Z’Dar, and Sheree North. Z’Dar plays the title character, a murderous ex-police officer returned from the dead…

How much did the movie Maniac Cop make?

Maniac Cop. It was released on May 13, 1988, and grossed $671,382 from a budget of $1.1 million. Despite negative reviews on release, Maniac Cop has become a cult film. It was followed by two sequels, Maniac Cop 2 (1990) and Maniac Cop III: Badge of Silence (1993).

Is there a Maniac Cop remake in the works?

In August 2017, it was rumored that there would be a Maniac Cop remake in the works. In November 2018, it was said that the remake is still being developed and will have a completely different tone than the first film.

When did the original Maniac Cop come out?

Maniac Cop was released May 13, 1988. It played in 50 theaters and had a U.S. gross of $671,382. The film was first released on DVD on April 8, 1998, by Elite Entertainment and included a commentary by director William Lustig, writer Larry Cohen, star Bruce Campbell, and composer Jay Chattaway as well as a trailer and deleted scenes.