Is Lela Rochon still married 2021?

Is Lela Rochon still married 2021?

Actress Lela Rochon and her husband Antoine Fuqua are back together and “happy”, just two weeks after pics leaked showing Antoine kissing Nicole Murphy. Lela showed up at the premiere of the ‘David Makes Man’ that premiere’s on Own next week. Lela was all smiles, and proudly flaunting her wedding ring.

Are Lela Rochon and Antoine Fuqua still together?

Fuqua and Rochon have been married since 1999.

What condition does Lela Rochon have?

Apparently, this is because Lela has an autoimmune disease. There were some rumors that she was suffering from lupus, however, this was never confirmed.

Is Antoine Fuqua married?

Lela RochonAntoine Fuqua / Spouse (m. 1999)

Who is Lela Rochon married to now?

Antoine Fuquam. 1999
Shabba Doom. 1982–1987
Lela Rochon/Spouse

Who was Antoine Fuqua’s father?

Carlos FuquaAntoine Fuqua / Father

Who is Lela Rochon husband?

Lela Rochon/Husband

How old is Lela Rochon now?

58 years (April 17, 1964)Lela Rochon / Age

How long has Lela Rochon been married?

Lela Rochon was born on April 17, 1964 in Los Angeles, California, USA. She is an actress and producer, known for Waiting to Exhale (1995), Any Given Sunday (1999) and Gang Related (1997). She has been married to Antoine Fuqua since April 9, 1999. They have two children.

What is Antoine Fuqua nationality?

AmericanAntoine Fuqua / Nationality

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S. Antoine Fuqua (born May 30, 1965) is an American film director, producer and actor.

Is Antoine Fuqua African?

Antoine Fuqua (born May 30 , 1965 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ) is an African-American film director . After beginning his career directing music videos for popular artists like Toni Braxton and Prince, he became a successful film director. He is perhaps best known for the award winning film ” Training Day “.

Where was Lela Rochon born?

Los Angeles, CALela Rochon / Place of birth