Is it possible to get a pacifist ending on your first playthrough?

Is it possible to get a pacifist ending on your first playthrough?

You will get a Neutral ending on your first playthrough. However, after the neutral ending, if you meet the requirements of a True Pacifist Route (not killing anyone, befriending Papyrus and Undyne) then you will get the chance to reload your save file and complete the True Pacifist ending.

What happens if you play pacifist after neutral?

No need to reset your game after your neutral run, (unless you gained any EXP or LOVE) you can just go back, hang out with Undyne, and do the True Lab part to get to the final boss of the Pacifist Route.

What happens if you reset after true pacifist?

Resetting after True Pacifist wipes all memories (including Flowey’s) and deja vu (Toriel knowing your pie choice, Undyne knowing you as a friend, etc). Resetting after a neutral (including all branches of neutral-pacifist) doesn’t, and causes the faint memories.

What happens if you play pacifist before genocide?

Genocide requires no Pre-requisites like the pacifist ending does. there will be slight differences if you beat pacifist 1st though 😉 Technically you have to have a neutral ending before pacifist, but you don’t have to reset the save file to do all that.

Can you get true pacifist first try?

Help! You cannot accomplish a True Pacifist Run unless you have at least one Neutral under your belt. If you spared everyone, you can reload your save, and go hang out with Papyrus and Undyne.

How many endings are in Undertale?

93 endings
Undertale has 93 endings; one speedrunner aims to see them all.

Is it possible to do true pacifist on your first run?

Can you hang out with Undyne in neutral route?

Befriending Undyne can be completed on the Neutral Route, but it is an integral part of the True Pacifist Route. The requirements for this event is that the protagonist must not kill anyone before starting this event or else Undyne refuses to open the door and become friends with a murderer.

Does sans know if you reset?

Sans knows about your Reset powers but contrary to popular belief, he doesn’t actually remember what happens before a Reset. He just knows it’s going to happen and that’s why he can’t care for anything anymore.

Does sans remember a true reset?

Sans gets a little memory from non-true resets, but literally every other major character does. The only difference is Sans is AWARE ABOUT EXISTENCE OF RESETS and of course he’ll give those pieces of memory more importance. But that still doesn’t mean he remembers literally everything.

Should I pacifist or neutral first?

Yes, you need to complete a Neutral run before doing a Pacifist run. You won’t be able to go to the True Lab until that condition is met. If you’ve gone through your Neutral run without killing anything, then you are not required to start over from the very beginning.

What happens if you name yourself Chara?

The only change is that you receive unique text when asked to confirm the name ‘Chara’ in the name selection menu. This does not affect gameplay on any route. Source is the Undertale Wiki page.

Can you get Pacifist run first time playing?

Just want a clear answer if you can or cannot get pacifist run first time playing it. You can, but neutral ending needs to happen first (by killing nothing). After that has happened, you load the game and continue from there. 1. Kill nothing 2. Befriend Papyrus and Undyne

How do you get the true pacifist ending?

Upon completing the Neutral Route, the protagonist receives a phone call after the credits that provides a hint to the next requirement for getting the True Pacifist Ending. If Flowey is spared, he appears afterward and elaborates on the hint, but if he is killed, the game immediately returns to the title screen.

What is a pacifist run in Undertale?

This Walkthrough will take you through Undertale on a pacifist run. This way of playing is recommended by many fans and simply means going through the entire game without killing anyone. Doing so will also unlock a special ending and if you are hoping to achieve all the endings, it is recommended you complete this run first.

Do you have to beat Flowey to get the true pacifist?

Follow through with it. Yes, you have to beat Flowey in order to get the True Pacifist.