Is DuraGen plus tissue?

Is DuraGen plus tissue?

DuraGen® Plus matrix readily conforms to the surface of the brain, spinal cord and overlying tissues.

Is DuraGen an implant?

Device Description: DURAGEN 1 PK, 4×5 DOMDuraGen® Dural Graft Matrix is an absorbable implant for repair of dura matter defects. DuraGen matrix is an easy to handle, soft, white, pliable, nonfirable, porous collagen matrix.

Is DuraGen synthetic?

DuraGen, an absorbable engineered collagen-based artificial graft has been developed for application in “open” cranial, transsphenoidal, and spinal surgery [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9].

What is DuraGen made out of?

One material (DuraGen) is a non-suturable collagen matrix that is applied over the defect if brain coverings (dura); the other (DuraGuard) is made out of bovine pericardium and has to be sutured during application.

What is DuraGen used for?

DuraGen® is a safe and effective type I collagen matrix graft, which is frequently used in decompressive craniotomy procedures. Since DuraGen® does not require labor-intensive suturing, the operative time is shortened by DuraGen® closure with sufficient tightness preventing CSF leakage.

Is DuraGen absorbable?

DuraGen Plus Adhesion Barrier Matrix is an absorbable implant for repair and restoration of dural defects and as an adhesion barrier for the reduction of peridural fibrosis.

What is DuraGen?

DuraGen matrix is one of the safest and most effective onlay grafts for the restoration and repair of dura mater. It is conformable and contours instantly and effectively to the complex, moist surfaces of the brain and spinal cord, rapidly supporting the formation of a biological seal to protect against CSF leakage.

Is DuraGen human tissue?

DuraGen Secure Dural Regeneration Matrix is manufactured from collagen obtained from bovine deep flexor tendon, which is classified by European Standards as a Category IC tissue (no detectable infectivity for Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE)).

How do you use a DuraGen plus?

The DuraGen Plus™ Dural Regeneration Matrix must be large enough to overlap the remaining dura by a minimum of one (1) centimeter. Apply dry with either side towards brain and then moisten with saline. DuraGen Plus™ can be repositioned as necessary. DuraGen Plus™ is an onlay graft and does not require sutures.

What is a dura Patch?

A dura patch is sewn to expand the space for cerebrospinal fluid to flow around the tonsils. The concept is similar to letting out the waistband on a tight pair of pants. Many patients ask about minimally invasive or endoscopic surgery.

What is a Duraplasty?

Duraplasty is a type of repair or expansion of dura (the outer covering of the brain) when it has been cut open during surgery. It is often closed with another compatible soft tissue material taken from another part of the body. Duraplasty can also be constructed from inorganic material.

What is duragen plus™?

Increased tensile strength for superior handling. DuraGen Plus™ inhibits fibrosis and prevents adhesion. The Adhesion Barrier Matrix provides a physical barrier between the dura and overlying tissues. The Adhesion Barrier Matrix remains in place during active healing and is fully resorbed after healing is complete.

What is the size of a duragen device?

New 12.5 cm x 17.5 cm size for use in large dural defects (e.g. decompressive hemicraniectomy). Engineered porosity (uniform pore structure) facilitates cell ingrowth. Increased tensile strength for superior handling. DuraGen Plus™ inhibits fibrosis and prevents adhesion.

What is adhesion barrier duragen plus?

Adhesion Barrier: To inhibit post-surgical peridural fibrosis in laminectomy, laminotomy or discectomy procedures where nerve roots are exposed. DuraGen® Plus matrix is not designed, sold or intended for use except as described in the indications for use and is contraindicated in the following situations: