Is Art Clay Silver sterling silver?

Is Art Clay Silver sterling silver?

Is it really silver? In short, yes! Silver clay is either 925 Sterling Silver or 999 Fine Silver and can be hallmarked as such.

What is Art silver clay?

Art Clay Silver is a precious metal clay made in Japan. It is easy for everyone from children to the elderly people to make a beautiful silver jewellery work . The process is so simple, it can be molded like a water-based clay. Just after 5 minutes firing, the clay become 99.9% silver.

How do you use silver art clay?

Place your design on a mesh support or kiln shelf and then set the appropriate temperature for the type of silver clay and the size of your piece. Once done, leave to cool down. After making sure your design is completely cool, remove any scaling with a brash brush until shiny – and then you’re done!

What is the difference between Art Clay Silver and PMC?

Yes, all three versions yield the same metal, 100% silver. The difference is not in the ingredients but in the shape of the particles. Original PMC is made with flake‑like particles that allow room for the binder, which gives the material its workability. PMC+ is made with a particle with more neatly defined edges.

Is silver clay strong?

A common misconception about silver metal clay is that after firing it’s solid metal, just like a casting, but it’s not. Castings are made by pouring molten metal into a mold and allowing the metal to cool in the mold. The result is a very strong, solid metal object with very little porosity (more air spaces).

How much silver clay do I need?

You also have to remember that clay shrinks once fired, so the size I refer to is pre-firing size….

Type of Jewellery Size / Thickness How much clay
Pendant 10p size (or 2.5cm) / 3 cards* 3 – 4g
Pendant 1p size (or 2cm) / 3 cards 2 – 3g

Does silver clay shrink when fired?

Ensure the Art Clay Silver clay is completely dry before firing (allow at least 24 hours). The clay will shrink as it is fired. This can be used as an indication of whether the firing has been successful. Place the object on a piece of paper and draw around it.

How pure is silver clay?

99.9% pure
Silver metal clay. Fine silver metal clay results in objects containing 99.9% pure silver, which is suitable for enameling.

Which silver clay is best?

The first stage is to fire on an open shelf to burn away the binder. The second stage has to be in a firing pan, submerged with carbon. Sterling silver clay is the strongest silver clay on the market because of the additional copper content. But the firing process did put a lot of people off.

How much does silver clay shrink when fired?

It can be fired using a torch or a kiln, and the shrinkage rate is at approximately 10 – 15%. Like PMC3 and PMC+, this is a Fine Silver product and can be hallmarked as such.

What temperature does silver clay fire?

Low fire clay fires to 1200 F which corresponds to cone 019-020, the highest recommended firing temperature of all silver is 1650F or cone 010-011. Ceramic kilns fire much slower than jewelry kilns so the actual hold time is not too important.

What temperature does silver clay melt?

Cracking may occur during firing if the clay is not dried enough. Some kilns show a different temperature from the actual one. It is known that silver will melt at 961°C/1761°F. Therefore, it is recommended that your firing temperature does not exceed 900°C/1652F.