Is Allianz being investigated?

Is Allianz being investigated?

FRANKFURT/WASHINGTON, Sept 10 (Reuters) – The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation into German insurer Allianz (ALVG.DE) is looking at possible misconduct by fund managers and misrepresentation of risk to investors, three people with knowledge of the matter told Reuters.

Who is the CEO of Allianz?

Oliver Bäte (May 7, 2015–)Allianz SE / CEO

Is Allianz a German company?

Allianz : Everything you need to know. The Allianz Group is one of the largest financial services providers in the world. The Munich, Germany-headquartered firm is a global leader in the insurance and asset management business.

Is Allianz travel insurance good value?

Overall, Allianz Travel Bronze offers unbeatable value at an affordable price, and as such is a versatile choice for travellers who seek reassurance, while not breaking the bank. Among all the travel insurance plans we analyzed, Allianz Travel’s Silver plan stands out from the pack for its attractive combination of price and benefit.

What types of insurance does Allianz offer?

Protection: The death benefit to your beneficiaries is generally income-tax-free.

  • Accumulation potential: Your policy’s accumulation value may earn interest based on an external index or a fixed interest option (both explained below).
  • Tax deferral: Your policy’s accumulation value grows tax-deferred.
  • Is Allianz a good car insurance?

    The Allianz company also offers car insurance policies internationally, most notably in Australia. If you are moving abroad and need insurance for your car, Allianz could be a good option for you. In Australia, Allianz offers a few different types of car insurance.

    Are annuities a good or bad investment?

    The fact is annuities are not bad investments. While it is true that annuity accounts pay commissions, have early surrender penalties, and can be longer term in nature; there is a place for them in most investment portfolios. When used properly, they provide a much needed insurance policy against income and/or stock market loss.