In which year Exim policy was announced?

In which year Exim policy was announced?

The Government of India, Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced New Foreign Trade Policy on 01st April 2015 for the period 2015-2020, earlier this policy known as Export Import (Exim) Policy.

What are the features of Exim policy 2015 20?

FTP 2015-20 introduces two new schemes, namely ‘Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS)’ for export of specified goods to specified markets and ‘Services Exports from India Scheme (SEIS)’ for increasing exports of notified services.

Who announced Exim policy 2015 20?

What are the important features of latest 2015 20 EXIM policy?

The steps include a fast track clearance facility for these units, permitting them to share infrastructure facilities, permitting inter unit transfer of goods and services, permitting them to set up warehouses near the port of export and to use duty free equipment for training purposes.

What is the Exim Policy of India?

 The Government of India advises the Exim Policy of India for a phase of five years under Section 5 of the Foreign Trade Development and Regulation Act, 1992.  The Exim Policy is renewed every year on the 31st of March and the revisions, improvements and new proposals become effective from 1st April of every year.

What is Exim Policy 2015-2020?

Highlights of EXIM Policy 2015-2020 Dr. S.THILAGA /DoMS/EXIM MANAGEMENT/BA5060 What is EXIM policy? Also knows as Foreign Trade Policy The foreign trade of India is guided by the Export-Import policy of India The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, pronounces the Indian EXIM policy or Export-Import policy of India.

What is the export import policy of India?

India’s Export Import Policy also know as Foreign Trade Policy, in general, aims at developing export potential, improving export performance, encouraging foreign trade and creating favorable balance of payments position. Exim Policy Committee to review the government previous export import policies.

Who pronounced the new Exim Policy of India in 1985?

Mr. V. P. Singh, the then Commerce Minister and pronounced the new Exim Policy of India on the 12th of April, 1985.  Primarily the Export-Import Policy of India was launched for the period of three years with main intention to boost the export business in India.