How to use m-61 Power glow Peel?

How to use m-61 Power glow Peel?

After cleansing and drying skin, wipe pre-soaked towelette over face, neck and décolleté while avoiding eye area. Do not rinse off. Follow with moisturizer. Recommend starting 3 times a week and building up to every day.

What is Glow Peel?

The Glow Peel combines 7% lactic acid, 7% salicylic acid and 7% resorcinol, creating a multipurpose peel that is effective in minimizing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation issues like age spots, discoloration, and uneven skin tone.

Is the m61 clean?

I launched M-61 Skincare – the first clean, clinical, powerful, vegan and gluten-free skincare line. M-61 pushes the boundaries of skincare science by combining advanced actives, dermatologist-loved ingredients and high-performance naturals, without toxic ingredients!

Who makes M-61 skincare?

CEO Marla Beck
Since M-61 is Bluemercury’s in-house beauty brand, all products were designed by Bluemercury founder and CEO Marla Beck herself. The brand spans an entire skin-care range of products, but the PowerGlow Peel is its No. 1 best-seller. In fact, it’s the best-selling product in the entire store.

What is glycolic acid peel?

What is a Glycolic Acid Peel? Glycolic peels are chemical exfoliants, and they remove all the dead skin cells laying on top of the skin’s surface. By doing this, you will reveal healthier skin underneath and a glowing, more youthful complexion will surface.

Which peel is best for glow?

The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution Another cult favourite from every serious skincare lover’s favourite brand, this one features the holy acid trinity: glycolic, salicylic, and lactic, in one very clinical looking dropper bottle.

Is M-61 cruelty free?

What you won’t find in M-61 bottles are parabens (a preservative linked to breast cancer), sulfates, and synthetic fragrances and dyes. The products are also not tested on animals.

Is glycolic peel good for face?

Glycolic acid peels are effective for removing blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples from skin. They also help to reduce pore size. Consistent and repeated use of glycolic acid peels have been shown to be effective for removing cystic lesions and acne scars from skin.