How much money did Metallica lose on Through the Never?

How much money did Metallica lose on Through the Never?

The film cost over $20 million to make and brought in no outside investors. Through the Never only took in $3.4 million, resulting in the band absorbing a substantial portion of the loss. Hetfield spoke about dealing with the financial fallout, expressing, “There was a time when I was just pissed.

What was the point of Metallica: Through the Never?

What the rest of us should do when we’re taken aback by life’s vu jàdé moments is exactly what Through the Never teaches us about perseverance: appeal to a higher purpose. The higher purpose that guided Trip, Metallica, and the team who make the movie was sharing Metallica’s music with the world.

What is in the bag Metallica: Through the Never?

The bag which Trip was sent for is a typical MacGuffin (like the briefcase in ‘Pulp Fiction’). In a promotional tour for this film, Metallica surprised concertgoers by performing under the name “Dehaan”, named after the film’s star Dane Dehaan.

Is Metallica Some Kind of Monster on Netflix?

The ramifications of Burton’s death are at the root of the problems the band suffered through during the making of the 2004 documentary Some Kind Of Monster, which is currently available for streaming on Netflix.

Is Dane Dehaan a Metallica fan?

Were you a fan? “Yeah, I mean it’s a funny relationship. My parents wouldn’t let me own Metallica albums when I was a kid, but the band was still obviously a big presence in the world at the time. I think Master of Puppets was kind of huge when I was growing up; it was all over MTV.

Is Dane DeHaan a Metallica fan?

Was the accident in Through the Never real?

It was all fake. According to Blabbermouth, a spokesperson for Metallica’s concert promoter says that this was “…all part of the show.” In fact, Metallica has staged something like this before and it can be seen in the Cunning Stunts DVD. So this person thought that part of it was real while at the show.

What is in the duffel bag through the never?

Eventually, DeHaan finds the van, and inside is a Pulp Fiction–esque duffel bag. At one point, in fleeing his pursuers with the bag, DeHaan decides that the best course of action after being trapped in a corner is self-immolation.

Where was through the never filmed?

“Metallica: Through the Never” moves back and forth, from concert to Trip and back. The concert was filmed at Rexall Place, an arena in Edmonton, Alberta. The stage is huge and cross-shaped, with Lars Ulrich’s drum set placed in the transept.

How many Metallica documentaries are there?

Seven Metallica Documentaries + Concert Films Coming to Streaming.