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How much is the original Darth Vader toy worth?

How much is the original Darth Vader toy worth?

Online price guides

Star Wars Action Figure Sold Price
Darth Vader NIP (1978) $560.00
Stormtrooper MOC $300.00
Obi Wan Kenobi on card $99.00
Jawa Large Hood (1978) $50.00

What’s the most valuable Star Wars action figure?

It’s perhaps no surprise, then, that Boba Fett figures are among the most prized (and expensive) action figures. An unpainted, prototype version of the figure sold for over $100,000 at an auction in 2019.

Is Darth Vader a good boss?

As you can see, Darth Vader is a perfect example of the successful leader with some distinctly “winning” qualities. A great team manager, Vader knew how to establish mutual respect between those involved in the “organisation”. He was a great team manager and a hard worker.

What is Darth Vaders title?

Darth Vader
Nickname Ani
Gender Male
Title Darth Vader
Occupation Slave Padawan Jedi Knight Member of the Jedi High Council Jedi General in the Grand Army of the Republic Dark Lord of the Sith Supreme Commander of the Imperial Military

What type of leader is Darth Vader?

Authoritarian (Darth Vader) Autocratic leaders lead through orders which they expect to be followed and not through dialogues with their employees.

Why Darth Vader is a good leader?

One of the reasons why Darth Vader was performing well (after all, within in about 20 years he built an enormous space station with the power to destroy a whole planet), was that he was extremely focused and knew his priorities. He also knew how to communicate his vision to others, and motivate them to join him.

What rank did Vader have?

Specific references had Vader and Skywalker as “Supreme Commander of the Imperial Forces” and Pellaeon rather as “Supreme Commander of the Imperial Fleet” or “Supreme Fleet Commander”; but all three men’s ranks were sometimes abbreviated to “Supreme Commander”.