How much is a H130?

Airbus Helicopters H130 Specs

How much is a H130?

Airbus Helicopters H130 Specs

Price New $3.3M
Year Started 2014
Year Ended In Production

How far can a Airbus H130 fly?


Hover ceiling OGE 9,700 ft
Max* range with standard fuel tanks at SL 327 NM
Max* endurance with standard fuel tanks SL 4 hr, 00 min
Flight envelope (Temperature -40°C to ISA +35°C limited to 50°C
Max altitude flight 23,000 ft

How much is a Eurocopter ec130?

Depending on numerous factors, the average price for a pre-owned AIRBUS/EUROCOPTER EC 130 B4 is $1,475,000.00.

How much does an Airbus h145 cost?

Airbus Helicopters H145 Specs

Price New $9.7M
Year Started 2014
Year Ended In Production

What is the most quiet helicopter?

As the quietest helicopter on the market in its category, the H130’s Fenestron® shrouded tail rotor and automatic variable rotor speed control contribute to the significantly reduced external sound level.

Do silent helicopters exist?

Several production helicopters, including the HAL Light Combat Helicopter and Eurocopter Tiger, reportedly feature presence-reduction measures or “stealth”. The use of advanced composite materials on the airframe has commonly resulted in reductions in an aircraft’s radar cross-section (RCS).

How much does a R66 helicopter cost?

How much does a Robinson R66 cost? A Robinson R66 costs between $500k for a 2011 model and $950k for a 2021 edition, according to Aircraft Bluebook’s summer 2021 data.

What is an H130 helicopter?

The H130 is a member of the Ecureuil family, which represents 44% of the Airbus-built in-service helicopter fleet worldwide, and has accumulated more than 35 million flight hours worldwide

Why choose the Airbus H130?

The Airbus Helicopters H130 is a single engine turbine corporate aircraft and the first choice for the discerning private or commercial sightseeing operators due to its European styling, high capacity seating and exceptional performance.

How many passengers can a H130 carry?

As a multi-role rotorcraft, the H130 has a spacious cabin for one pilot and up to seven passengers. Depending on the configuration, it can carry up to two pilots, one stretcher and three-to-four medical crew.

Why choose a single-engine H130?

Twin-engine capability for a single-engine price. From major tourist destinations to the busy airspace over cities, the single-engine H130 (previously known as the EC130 T2) is in widespread use with sightseeing services, charter operators and emergency medical services, among others.