How much is a bottle of Vouvray wine?

How much is a bottle of Vouvray wine?

Vouvray wine price: In the US, you can expect to spend between $18–$25 for a decent bottle of Vouvray wine, either sparkling or still. On the high end, $35–$55 should afford you the very best current releases from great producers.

Is Vouvray a good wine?

This wine has a gorgeous balance between good acidity and minerality, as well as a faint sweetness. Philippe Foreau runs this 30-acre estate and makes a range of wines that are excellent.

What is the difference between Sancerre and Vouvray?

Vouvray is made from the chenin blanc grape. Unlike the distinct expression of excellent Sancerre, when you begin exploring Vouvray you will quickly find many styles ranging from dry to sweet and still to sparkling. With a little exploration you will find a unique style that you love, I promise.

Is Vouvray a chardonnay?

APART from its mellifluous name, Vouvray is a white wine with big marketing problems. First of all, it is not made from chardonnay, the world’s most popular grape, or even from riesling, which has its devotees, or sauvignon blanc, which at least is well known.

What is Chinon wine?

Chinon Wine Chinon is the appellation covering wines produced around the historic town of Chinon, in the central Loire Valley. This area has been producing wine for many centuries, and although wines of all three colors are made there, the focus is now very clearly on red wines.

Is Vouvray wine dry?

It is also the name of the sweet, aromatic white wine made from Chenin Blanc grapes that grow along the Loire river banks in this region. Vouvray offers a diverse variety of wines – still, sparkling, sweet and dry.

Is Vouvray dry?

What kind of wine is Sancerre?

Sauvignon Blanc
Sancerre is today a Sauvignon Blanc stronghold in France’s Loire Valley, known for delicious dry white wines that can marry citrus, green fruit and grassy flavours with beautiful texture and refreshing acidity.

What grape is Chinon?

cabernet franc grape
No subject at Wine School has provoked more interesting conversation than Chinon, a red wine from the Loire Valley of France based on the cabernet franc grape. The questions raised go directly to the mysteries that make wine so enchanting, yet can also make it seem so daunting.

Is Chinon A red wine?

Chinon wine comes from the vineyards around the town of Chinon in Touraine. Unusual for the Loire Valley, it is mostly red wine, with 2-5% rosé and a little white wine.

What is a Vouvray wine?

Vouvray Wine. This makes Vouvray ideal for those with the patience and facilities to store wines, but either a mystery or disappointment to those who don’t. The situation is similar with several of Europe’s top white wines, including the wines of Montlouis, Vouvray’s sister appellation just across the Loire.

What is the difference between savennieres and Vouvray?

The vineyards of both Vouvray and Savennieres enjoy gravelly, free-draining topsoils above deep tuffeau. But while Savennieres wines are almost exclusively dry, still wines (although once much sweeter), Vouvray has retained its multiple personalities.

What does SEC mean on a Vouvray label?

The only legally enforced label term here is Sec, which must appear on sparkling Vouvray labels when the wine contains less than 8 grams per liter of residual sugar. Happily, Vouvray sparkling wines are relatively easy to spot on the shelf, thanks to the familiar foil-wrapped, wire-secured cork.