How much does massive software cost?

How much does massive software cost?

Pricing and availability New licences of Massive Prime cost $16,000. Massive Jet costs $6,000. Massive for Maya costs $3,500, while Massive for Max is rental-only, and priced at $595/quarter or $1,995/year.

When was massive created?

When Massive (Multiple Agent Simulation System in Virtual Environment) was first revealed to the world in 2001 as part of the release of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films, it stunned audiences – and the visual effects community – with its use of fuzzy logic to aid in crowd animations.

What software was Lord of the Rings edited on?

Massive was originally developed for use in Peter Jackson’s The Lord Of The Rings film trilogy. Subsequently the company Massive Software was created to bring this technology to film and television productions around the world.

Is K 3D free?

K-3D is free-as-in-freedom 3D modeling and animation software. It combines flexible plugins with a visualization pipeline architecture, making K-3D a versatile and powerful tool for artists.

How much does massive prime cost?

Pricing/Availability Massive Prime is USD $16,000, which includes one year of maintenance and support. Customers who purchased Massive within one-year year of Version 9.0 release will receive the new software at no additional cost.

What type of synth is massive?

wavetable software synthesizer plugin
Massive is a commercial wavetable software synthesizer plugin manufactured by Native Instruments for use in professional audio production. It utilizes several wavetables and oscillators in the creation of synthetic timbres.

How many wavetables does massive have?

170 wavetables
Choose from over 170 wavetables and 10 different modes of reading them – from the aggressive Gorilla family, to a wavetable-bending mode, Hardsync, Formant, and many more – each with their own unique sub-modes and additional controls.

Is K-3D easy?

K-3D was designed to be very simple to use by any new user, without complicated or confusing user interface requirements. In fact, even the most basic programs allow you to simply drag and drop objects into place, which makes K-3D incredibly intuitive to use and quick to get started.

What is massive in AI?

MASSIVE (Multiple Agent Simulation System in Virtual Environment) is a high-end computer animation and artificial intelligence software package used for generating crowd-related visual effects for film and television.