How much does a CAT 745C weight?


How much does a CAT 745C weight?


Center Axle – empty 15300 lbs (6,940 kg)
Rear Axle – empty 14749 lbs (6,690 kg)
Rear Axle – loaded 53440 lbs (24,240 kg)
Total Empty 73634 lbs (33,400 kg)
Total Loaded 90389 lbs (41,000 kg)

How much does a CAT 745 dump truck weigh?

Operating Weights

Rear Axle – Rated Load 38691 lb 17550 kg
Total – Empty 73553 lb 33363 kg
Front Axle – Loaded 56522 lb 25638 kg
Center Axle – Loaded 54000 lb 24494 kg
Center Axle – Empty 15309 lb 6944 kg

Where can I buy a Cat 745C?

First of all, you need to get to the second map of Alaska region, which is called Mountain River. Fortunately, you don’t have to fulfill a variety of contracts to get there. The road to the map is literally open from the beginning, and all you have to do is to get to the map when you arrive at the first map of Alaska.

How many yards does a CAT 745 hold?


Heaped capacity (2:1) (SAE) (cu yds): 32.7
Struck capacity (SAE) (cu yds): 24.2
Dump time, full cycle (sec): 22

How long is a Cat 745?


Overall length (ft/in): 37′ 11″
Width, excluding mirrors (ft/in): 11′ 6″
Height, body down (ft/in): 12′ 5″

How do you repair Caterpillar 745C in Snowrunner?

The Caterpillar 745C is located northeast of the White Valley gateway in a small camp. It is fueled up but it has damage and must be repaired. The 745C needs around 700 repair points to restore it to pristine condition and once repaired it will need to be delivered to the lumber mill.

Where is the cat ct680 Snowrunner?

Engageable AWD – North Port Alaska, located near the Royal BM-17 just west of the port.

How much fuel does a Cat 797 use?

Each CAT 797B dump truck, which can carry 400 tonnes of ore on one trip, has a 4,540-litre fuel tank and burns through about 114 litres per hour. To cut down on fuel usage, Dahlman said the trucks are never left idling and the roads are kept smooth to cut down on resistance. “It makes it a little more efficient.

How many yards does a Volvo A40G hold?

31.4 cu yds

Capacity – Heaped 31.4 cu yds (24 m)
Capacity – Struck 24.1 cu yds (18 m)
Dump Angle 70 °
Lower Time 22 sec
Raise Time 22 sec

What are the features of a cat 2 745c articulated truck?

2 745C Articulated Truck Key Features Cat C18 ACERT engine meets Tier 4 Final/ Stage IV engine emission standards Cat engine compression brake Automatic Retarder Control (ARC) Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Strategy (APECS) Enhanced Automatic Traction Control (ATC) Color Multi-Purpose Display (CMPD)

What is the capacity of the cat 745c?

The Cat 745C with a 25 m3 (32.7 yd3) 41 tonnes (45.2 tons) increased capacity offers proven reliability, durability, high productivity, superior operator comfort and lower operating costs.

Is the caterpillar 745c good in Snowrunner?

The Caterpillar 745C is a licensed truck from the game – Snowrunner. While only able to accommodate a few frame add-ons, the Caterpillar 745C focuses on the ability to scale any terrain it encounters. No obstacle will prevent this truck’s cargo from reaching its destination. The 745C is an extremely good off-road vehicle.

What is a 745c dump?

Dump Body Design The 745C has a large target area to provide consistently high load-carrying capacity. Its diverging low design gives clean material discharge, which maximizes