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How fast does a 50cc Vespa go?

How fast does a 50cc Vespa go?

The regulated Primavera 50cc, with a top speed of 30mph, will qualify for operation under a regular auto license in the following states: Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia and Wisconsin …

How much is a Vespa 50?

2020 Vespa Primavera 50/150 Claimed Specifications

Price: $3,999 (50)/$5,349 (150)
Engine: Air-cooled single-cylinder
Displacement: 50cc/155cc
Bore x Stroke: 39.0 x 41.8mm (50)/58.0 x 58.6mm (150)
Horsepower: 3.2 hp @ 7,500 rpm (50)/12.9 hp @ 7,750 rpm (150)

Can you get a 50cc Vespa?

The first Vespa 50cc 4-stroke to adopt the innovative i-get engine with its inbuilt barometric sensor that constantly monitors combustion and adapts it to riding conditions, the Primavera 50 is a compact triumph of technology.

How fast does a Vespa Primavera 50 go?

The 4.1-horsepower drive unit consists of a 49.9 cc, four-stroke engine and Continuously Variable Transmission to deliver a top speed around 40 mph….Vespa Primavera 50 Drivetrain.

Engine: 4 stroke single cylinder with electronic injection
Max Power: 4.1 hp (3.0 kW) @ 7,500 rpm

Can Vespa go on highway?

A 50cc scooter usually has a top speed of less than 50mph. The slow pace of these less powerful scooters can be a safety hazard to you and other drivers, so even if your state permits, it’s not recommended to take a 50cc scooter out on the highway, freeway or interstate!

What is the smallest Vespa?

Vespa 50
Vespa 50. The smallest Vespa ever made.

How much does a 50cc Vespa weight?

Vespa Primavera 50

Make Model Vespa Primavera 50
Seat Height 780 mm / 30.7 in.
Dry Weight 115 kg / 254 lbs
Fuel Capacity 7 Litres / 1.8 US gal
Average Consumption 3.1 L/100 km / 32 km/l / 75 US mpg

Is Vespa a reliable scooter?

Vespa scooters are reliable Interestingly, Vespa, unlike its fellow Italian two-wheeler manufacturers, is known for its dependability and reliability. It isn’t an uncommon sight to see Vespas from the 1960s and 1970s still alive and kicking today.

How much does a Vespa S 50 weigh?

In this version sold from year 2009 , the dry weight is 96.0 kg (211.6 pounds) and it is equipped with a Single cylinder, two-stroke motor. The engine produces a maximum peak output power of and a maximum torque of . With this drive-train, the Vespa S 50 is capable of reaching a maximum top speed of .

What is the difference between the Vespa Sprint 50 and sprint 50?

Con el innovador motor Vespa i-get de cuatro tiempos y 50cc , la Sprint 50 ofrece agilidad y dinamismo sin sacrificar la mejor tecnología de motor. Con el innovador motor Vespa i-get de cuatro tiempos y 50cc , la Sprint 50 ofrece agilidad y dinamismo sin sacrificar la mejor tecnología de motor.

How does the Vespa Sprint work?

La Vespa Sprint de 50 cc y 4 tiempos lleva el innovador motor i-get con un sensor barométrico incorporado que monitoriza constantemente la combustión y la adapta a las condiciones de conducción.