How do you unlock locked supply crates in swtor?

How do you unlock locked supply crates in swtor?

To turn in those crates you need to run KotFE beforehands, and get into Chapter 9. There you’ll meet those 4 ppl who will take in those crates (Oggurobb the Hutt, Sana Rae, Hylo Visz and Bey’wan Aygo), which in return will give you some sort of “packs” to open aswell as Influence on every one of the 4.

How do you get better equipment in swtor?

Your best bet for “good looking” gear is to go to the GTN and use credits to purchase CM pack stuff. A lot of it is not that expensive and looks good. Only the rarest of the rare items are extremely expensive. Some crafted armor (from Synthweaving and Armormech) looks good too.

Where is Sana Rae located?

Sana-Rae was a female Voss from the planet of the same name. A Voss Mystic, she was also member of the Eternal Alliance, leading its Force Enclave, a school for the nurturing of Force-sensitives’ Force powers.

What do I do with tech fragments Swtor?

Tech Fragments are mainly used to buy set bonus gear from the vendors in a corner room of the Supplies section of the Republic of Imperial Fleet. Set Bonus armors are empty armor shells that give you a boost in battle if you wear a matching set on your character.

How do you get Galactic Command crates?

Galactic Command Crates are earned naturally by level 70 subscribed players. These crates contain a random assortment of gear and items, including cosmetic gear. Galactic Command Crate gear refers to the random orange-bordered cosmetic armor found in these crates, which can also be bought and sold on the GTN.

Where can I find HYLO VISZ?

Hylo Visz is one of the Alliance specialists you meet during the Odessen story. She and the 3 others are stationed in specific areas of your Odessen base. If you don’t have your Odessen base yet, just save the crates until you do, and then turn them in to the appropriate Specialist.

How do you modify items in SWTOR?

To modify a item, you need to have the armoring, mod, or enhancement in your inventory. CTRL-Right click on the item, either in your inventory or on you Character Sheet. Then right click the mod in your inventory to add it to that item. The old mod will be destroyed unless you extract it first.

What are the SWTOR expansions?

Expansion packs

  • Rise of the Hutt Cartel.
  • Galactic Starfighter.
  • Galactic Strongholds.
  • Shadow of Revan.
  • Knights of the Fallen Empire.
  • Knights of the Eternal Throne.
  • Onslaught.
  • Legacy of the Sith.

Where is Bey Wan Aygo?

Elden Ring – The Loop

Level 65 Melee NPC
Occupation(s): Specialist: Military Operations
Planet: Odessen
Region: Alliance Camp Headquarters
Homeworld: Bothawui

Who is SANA Rae Swtor?

“Voss Mystics are powerful Force seers whose visions guide and protect the Voss people. In a society that’s naturally suspicious of “Outsiders,” it’s rare for a Voss citizen to leave their homeworld, and almost unheard of for a Mystic. But Sana-Rae has proven unique even by her people’s standards.

What are uprisings in swtor?

Uprisings are like Flashpoints–they involve a group of four players, working together to take down legions of enemies and challenging bosses. Uprisings however, escalate the action to eleven. They’re shorter than Flashpoints, and jam-packed with challenging content.