How do you hem jeans without losing the original hem?

How do you hem jeans without losing the original hem?

How to Hem Jeans in 5 Steps Without Losing the Original Hem

  1. Step 1: Decide how much you want to shorten them.
  2. Step 2: Fold up the hem and pin.
  3. Step 3: Stitch below the hem.
  4. Step 4: Trim and finish the raw edge.
  5. Step 5: Press and topstitch (optional)

Should I keep original hem on jeans?

there’s really no reason to hack-up your jeans. If you wash regularly, the wavy lines and abrasion highlights will return faster after traditional factory quality hemming is done. Worn and washed edges will return during the natural aging process.

How do you hem jeans without a sewing machine?

Thread a hand-sewing needle with thread that matches your jean fabric. Backstitch around the leg through both layers and just above the top edge of the existing hem. Knot and finish off where the ends meet. Slip the folded cuff inside the pant leg and fold the original hem down.

Do raw hem jeans last?

The point of this post was saying in the longest way possible, if you’re thinking of cutting a raw hem on a pair of your jeans, I say do it – it lasts!

How do you seal a raw hem?

Apply some nail polish! It works just as well on fabric edges, stopping fraying by coating the raw edges. Either choose a clear nail polish, or match the colour to your fabric. Apply a thin line along the very edge of the material.

How do you protect raw hem jeans?

Throw your jeans into the washing machine and dryer to get a fluffier frayed edge, and then trim off any too-long threads if needed. As an optional step to prevent further fraying, you can try applying an anti-fray product along the hems and letting them air dry. Hope this was helpful!

How to hem jeans with the original Hem?

How to hem jeans with the original hem: For Straight Leg Jeans Lay the jeans on a flat surface with the position for the new hem marked with pins or washable chalk / wax. Fold the hem up to the marked position.

Why should you keep the original hem of your denim?

By keeping the original hem, you preserve the look of the denim with all it’s unique distressed and washed out features. Furthermore, you keep the contrasting thread color from the original hem.

How do you Hem jeans on a Singer sewing machine?

Pin your jeans in place. Place your pant leg on the machine. You’ll be sewing along the top of the jean hem. The needle should follow along right above the original hem and through the line you drew on the pant leg. Trim off the extra fabric. Finish the raw edge of the jeans with either a zig-zag stitch or a serged edge.

How do you measure for hemming jeans?

Next, measure the width of the pant leg just above the new marked hem position – let’s call that position “B”. Record that measurement. If A=B, refer to the instructions for hemming jeans with the original hem for a straight leg pant. If A