How do you get the Djinn in Golden Sun 2?

How do you get the Djinn in Golden Sun 2?

For all Djinn to be collected by the end of the second oart, at least 6 Djinn of each element from Golden Sun must be transferred to The Lost Age by Password or Game Link Cable. With all 72 Djinn, the player can access deeper levels of the optional dungeon Anemos Inner Sanctum.

How do I transfer data from Golden Sun?

To get to the transfer options, hold down L and R at the black screen with the “Golden Sun” logo and menu at the bottom. Hit Left on the D-Pad and the B button at the same time, and a new menu option for “Send” should appear with an envelope icon. In the Send menu, you can pick one of the three save slots to send.

How many Djinn are in Golden Sun?

The original Golden Sun had only 28 Djinn (7 per element), while The Lost Age introduced 44 more (11 per element). Data can be transferred between Golden Sun and The Lost Age, allowing players to have a grand total of 72 Djinn in The Lost Age.

How do I get into Lunpa fortress?

To enter Lunpa Fortress, cast Cloak and walk along the shadow cast by the wall to the left to get past the guards. Lunpa Fortress is an optional dungeon accessible from within Lunpa in Golden Sun.

How do I rename my character in Golden Sun?

When beginning a New Game, when Isaac’s name is brought up for the player to change if desired, press the Select button three times in a row will cause a “ding” sound to play, indicating that the other three characters of Isaac’s party – Garet, Ivan, and Mia – can now have their names modified if desired.

Where is Kolima Golden Sun?

Kolima is a village of lumberjacks located in Angara.

How do I get to Kalay Docks?

Ground: Ground is inaccessible from your first visit. To acquire Ground, you must cross the Karagol Sea and arrive at the other end at Tolbi Docks, then on the overworld walk clockwise above the sea and enter Kalay Docks from the top.

Who is amiti’s father Golden Sun?

Story. Amiti was born to Veriti approximately 19 years before the setting of Dark Dawn. Veriti died soon after Amiti’s birth, leaving Amiti as an orphan to be raised by his uncle, King Paithos.