How do you get landing gear in War Thunder?

How do you get landing gear in War Thunder?

press “g” for landing gear…

What does HDG mean in War Thunder?

As u/HellaciousHaze says: HDG = Heading (compass heading in degrees) 6.

How do you turn on aerobatic smoke in War Thunder ps4?

To select aerobatic smoke, go to Settings → Air Battle Settings → Aerobatic smoke type. New Year Aerobatic Smoke will be available for online battles in one of the incoming updates.

Can you land your plane in war thunder?

TIL that you can’t land your plane and just repair it anywhere.

How do you bail out of a plane in war thunder?

You hold J for a few seconds (to make sure you really want to bail out and ditch that plane). It’s the same as crashing into the ground, though; plane’s gone for the match and will need repairs afterwards.

Should I use IAS or TAS?

IAS is generally better in all situations in War Thunder because it lets you know maneuvering speed, stall speed, and rip speed at all altitudes.

What does IAS stand for War Thunder?

indicated airspeed
True Air Speed TAS is useful for navigation as it accurately represents your true speed (relative to wind) and is corrected for effects of altitude. It can however be misleading, and IAS is more useful for maneuvers because it is the speed that is directly indicated by the aircraft ( the IAS “indicated airspeed”).

How do you get Golden Eagles in War Thunder?

Golden eagles can be obtained both by purchasing them for real money and during promotional events, for winning places in contests or tournaments.

How do you get different smoke in War Thunder?

Go to options, controls, full aircraft control, select (aerobatics smoke) assign preferred control. (Mine is set for square+circle so it doesn’t interfere with my other controls).

Can you repair in war thunder?

Each aircraft gets 10 free repairs, so you don’t have to worry about repairs right away, after that it will cost silver lions to fix up all the damage. If you don’t automatically repair then your aircraft will gradually be repaired for free over time.