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How do you get good at Spelunky?

While only experience teaches the best lessons, this guide will give you an advantage from the start.

How do you get good at Spelunky?

While only experience teaches the best lessons, this guide will give you an advantage from the start.

  1. Each life is an experiment.
  2. Don’t leave the pet behind.
  3. There’s always a logical path.
  4. When to use bombs and ropes.
  5. Always hold something.
  6. Always look ahead (or down)
  7. Get that first shortcut open.
  8. Seriously, try co-op.

What is the best item in Spelunky?

10 Most Useful Items in Spelunky 2

  1. 1 Vlad’s Cape. Vlad’s Cape is like a regular cape on steroids.
  2. 2 Excalibur.
  3. 3 Jetpack.
  4. 4 Telepack.
  5. 5 Powerpack.
  6. 6 Ankh.
  7. 7 Spike Shoes.
  8. 8 Turkeys.

How do you jump in Spelunky?


  1. To Pick up , crouch by them and press X. You can throw them by pressing X again.
  2. You start each game with 4 BOMBS and 4 ROPES. To use them, cycle to them with C and then press X to use.
  3. You can HANG ON TO LEDGES by jumping into them.
  4. OPEN CRATES AND CHESTS by holding up and pressing X.

How do you beat Spelunky HD?

Spelunky guide: 11 tips that will see you succeed in the random…

  1. Collect as much money as you can.
  2. Bombs are your best friend.
  3. Crates are worth going out of your way for.
  4. What are the best items to use?
  5. Be sure to rescue damsels.
  6. You can steal from shopkeepers – if you’re good enough.
  7. Be wary of idols.

Is there an ending to Spelunky?

Spelunky 2 has three different endings, depending on how far the player gets. The player either has to defeat Tiamat or Hundun for the main two endings. The final ending has the player complete all 94 levels of the Cosmic Ocean and reach 7-99, where they will become one with the cosmos and leave behind a Constellation.

What does Vlad’s Crown do in spelunky 2?

Functionality. The Crown causes Shopkeepers to treat Spelunkers as royalty, calling them “Your Highness” and offering a 50% discount for all items.

Where is waddler sunken city?

In the first level of the Sunken City, 7-1. He spawns along the main path, and only if the spelunker still has items deposited in his cave. This is his last stop, and he stops accepting items to carry.

How do I get to Abzu?

The entrance to Abzu is hidden deep within the Lake of Fire, a massive lava lake found at the bottom of 4-3 of Tide Pool. Below the Lake of Fire lies a relatively empty area containing an Idol in the center, which when moved sets off all of the Powder Boxes below the lava, making it fall onto the area below.

Are there any shortcuts in Spelunky?

Rule #1 Never take the shortcuts. When you first start making your way through Spelunky, a kindly Tunnelman will appear to help you unlock shortcuts to the four separate stages. At first, this looks like a nice way to sneak past the early levels.

Is it better to kill spiders in Spelunky?

Plus, if you are playing Spelunky with an eye for City of Gold, your health is inconsequential until after you get to the City of Gold (because you will need to die to use your Ankh). Sorry damsel, you’ll need to be sacrificed. Have a nice day! Rule #6 Killing giant spiders is advantageous.

What is the best room to find in Spelunky?

While Spelunky does a great job of randomizing its levels, there are certain rooms that repeatedly appear. One of the best rooms to find is the snake pit. It’s a high pit that has green and blue snakes protecting a pile of rubies at the bottom.

How to get kapala in Spelunky Survival Guide?

Our next Spelunky Survival Guide – 10 Essential Tips and Tricks involves finding a damsel. When you do, always consider sacrificing her rather than rescuing her. The first time you sacrifice one you will obtain a helpful item (often a compass). The second time you sacrifice one, you will obtain the ultra-powerful Kapala.