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How do you form the German past participle?

How do you form the German past participle?

Formation of Past Participles The participles of German regular (also called “weak”) verbs are usually formed simply by adding ge– before the stem of the infinitive and ending with –t or –et. Thus, gesagt is the past participle of sagen, gewartet is that of warten.

What is the past participle called in German?

Partizip II
The past participle, known as the Partizip II, is a special conjugation of a verb used in the Perfekt (present perfect tense), Passiv (passive voice) and as an adjective.

What is the past participle of sehen in German?

Conjugation of the Verb “Sehen” – Past Perfect Tense (Plusquamperfekt)

ich hatte gesehen I had seen
du hattest gesehen you had seen
er/sie/es hatte gesehen he/she/it had seen

How do you conjugate klettern?

German verb ‘klettern’ conjugated in all tenses and forms….Indicative.

ich werde klettern
du wirst klettern
er/sie/es wird klettern
wir werden klettern
ihr werdet klettern

What is Das Perfekt in German?

Grammatical terms in German: das Perfekt: The present perfect is a verb tense that expresses an event in the past. It is formed using the conjugated form of the auxiliary verb (haben or sein) and the past participle.

What is the past perfect in German?

das Plusquamperfekt
The Past Perfect Tense (das Plusquamperfekt) in German: In German, as in English, the past perfect describes a time previous to another in the past. It is constructed just like the present perfect tense, except that the auxiliary “haben” or “sein” is in its simple past form: “hatte” or “war.”

How do you use sehen in German?

Sehen in the Present Tense Wir sehen die Sonne. (We see the sun.) Du siehst mich an. (You look at me.)

How do you conjugate Vergessen in German?

Conjugate the verb vergessen:

  1. ich vergesse. du vergisst.
  2. er vergaß wir haben vergessen.
  3. ihr werdet vergessen.
  4. sie würden vergessen.

What is the meaning of lesen?

Verb. lēsen. to gather, to collect. to read. to read out loud (to an audience)