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How do you find the midpoint of a synastry?

How do you find the midpoint of a synastry?

You’ll start your calculations by adding your sun and moon’s specific degrees to their starting degrees (21 + 270 = 291 and 4 + 150 = 154). Then, you’ll add those two values together (291 + 150 = 420), divide that sum in half (420 / 2 = 210), and thus find the degrees of your midpoint.

How important are houses in synastry?

In synastric analysis, the interplay of houses between two charts determines what role the individuals have cast each other with regard to the planets involved. When comparing birth charts in synastry, planets in the 1st, 5th, 7th and 8th houses are the most important because these houses possess a relationship theme.

How do you calculate Antiscia?

A quick and easy way to calculate antiscia Whatever degree they are, subtract that number from 30 (there are 30º in a sign). Whatever minute they are, subtract that number from 60 (there are 60º minutes in a degree).

What is antiscia chart?

Definition of antiscia Antiscia are mirror points from the solstice line: this is the two points on the ecliptic on which the Sun reaches its maximum declination from the equatorial plane of 23°4′ either in a northern direction (0° Cancer) or southern direction (0° Capricorn).

What is my mid point?

Add each x-coordinate and divide by 2 to find x of the midpoint. Add each y-coordinate and divide by 2 to find y of the midpoint. It’s important to note that a midpoint is the middle point on a line segment.

What is ASC MC midpoint?

The Asc/Mc midpoint is said to represent a person’s connection with “this time and this place”. Therefore the midpoint can be described as how a person lives his or her life moment by moment in this place and time. Planets on the Asc/Mc midpoint indicate how a person lives in the now.

What is Davison relationship chart?

The Davison chart is a way of combining two charts to obtain a third separate chart that describes a particular relationship dynamic — and this chart has an actual birth date and location.

What does Antiscion mean?

Definition of antiscion archaic. : either of any two signs of the zodiac equally distant from Cancer and Capricorn on opposite sides.

What is the primal Triad?

The primal triad includes your sun sign, moon sign, and rising or ascendant sign. “These three elements really help you to understand the primal nature of the soul of a person,” Angelica said.

What is the distance between the points 2 5 and 5 7?

The distance between the points (2, 5) and (5, 7) is √13.

How do solstice points work?

When utilizing Solstice Points, one person’s Solstice Points are then compared with the other person’s regular birth chart points only using the conjunction (revealing “easy” hidden connections) or the opposition (revealing “difficult” hidden connections) and then vice versa. The two planets involved are able to “behold” each other.

What are solstice points (antiscia) in astrology?

Some astrologers use Solstice Points (Antiscia) in Synastry work, where the Antiscion degrees of one person’s planets and points are compared to the other person’s natal positions. To calculate Solstice Points, click here.

How do I find the antiscion points in synastry?

In More Synastry, I discuss Antiscia in synastry. Here, I explain how to arrive at these points/positions. To determine the Antiscion Point or Solstice Point of the Sun in your chart, for example, you would subtract the degrees in longitude of the Sun from 30 degrees and find the corresponding sign from this list:

What is the significance of the sun/moon midpoint in synastry?

In synastry, the Sun/Moon midpoint is very often activated by the other person’s personal planet in significant relationships. The Sun/Moon midpoint represents a point of “inner marriage” and symbolizes close personal relationship. If another person’s personal planet, and especially the Sun or Moon,…