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How do you enlarge a counted cross stitch pattern?

How do you enlarge a counted cross stitch pattern?

If you want your design to be larger, use a SMALLER count, such as 6-, 8- or 11-count Aida cloth, which has larger squares (fewer squares per inch) and will make your finished design larger. Remember, you will need to use 3 or even 4 threads when stitching on smaller count aida cloth.

How do you count squares in cross stitch?

The count of the fabric determines the final size of your piece. For example if you are stitching a motif that is 42 stitches high by 42 stitches wide on 14-count fabric, the finished design will be 3 inches square (42 stitches / 14 stitches per inch = 3 inches).

What size cross stitch graph paper do I Need?

Our easy-to-print cross stitch graph paper helps you create and customize your cross stitch designs. Sizes range from 6 to 32 count, and you can request others. Read more to learn why one size fits all. Cross stitch graph paper consists of a grid with horizontal and vertical lines.

How do you make a cross stitch chart?

The first thing to know is that most cross stitchers, and certainly all commercial designers, create their charts using a standard 10-square grid. This means that you will see a bold line, every 10 squares, both vertically and horizontally. These bold lines are there to make it easy for you to calculate the size of a design.

How do I Count stitches in my design?

At a glance you can count by 10s and quickly see how many stitches there are in length and width. This is the first step in determining how large your design will be on various counts of fabric. (Eliminate calculations altogether by using our handy Stitch Count Table.)

How many inches is a section of fabric on graph paper?

For example, if your fabric is 14-count, and your graph paper is 14 count, each section (divided by bold lines) on your graph paper equals one inch on your fabric. While designing, I often must visualize just how much detail I can add in the space I have available.