How do you do the Deadshot side mission in Arkham City?

How do you do the Deadshot side mission in Arkham City?

You need to reach a small, fenced area on one of the roofs in the northern part of the Industrial District #1. There you will have to use the Evidence Scanner once again. Locate the bullet shell on the ground #2, press A and wait for the scan to end. Batman will establish that the sniper he’s looking for is Deadshot.

How do I find Deadshot victims?

The victim is located in the middle of the bridge at the northern part of Arkham City. Walk around him until Batman makes a comment, then scan the highway median to find where the bullet hit. Follow the trajectory to a rooftop to the southeast and check the corner of the stone railing for a tripod.

Should I do the side missions in Arkham City?

Introduction | Side missions Batman: AC Guide Keep in mind that you don’t have to rush with side missions, as you will be able to return to them after finishing the main story. It of course doesn’t mean that you should do that, as completing them will earn you experience needed to unlock new skills and gadgets.

What is the best side mission of Arkham City?

For this list, DLC side quests will not be included.

  • 6 The Best: Cold Call Killer (Batman: Arkham City)
  • 7 The Worst: Two-Faced Bandit (Batman: Arkham Knight)
  • 8 The Best: Heir To The Cowl (Batman: Arkham Knight)
  • 9 The Worst: Gotham On Fire (Batman: Arkham Knight)
  • 10 The Best: Shot In The Dark (Batman: Arkham City)

How many side missions are there in Batman Arkham City?

Along with the lengthy campaign of Batman: Arkham City, there are 12 side missions in the game where you’ll be able to expand your Batman adventure and earn a lot of trophies or achievements by completing it. In the twelve side missions, each of them becomes available after meeting certain criteria.

How do you beat Deadshot in Arkham origins?

Wait for Deadshot to turn back, glide quickly towards him and land somewhere next to him. Approach the boss (the screenshot) and press the quiet takedown key/button, which will deal the winning blow to Deadshot.

Does the flash exist in the Arkhamverse?

Due to the mentions of Keystone City as his base, it can be assumed that the Arkhamverse Flash is either the original Jay Garrick or Wally West, since the others are located in Central City.

Where to start the side mission in Batman Arkham City?

Batman: Arkham City Side Mission Walkthrough Video in High Definition Game played on Hard Difficulty