How do I type a dash symbol?

How do I type a dash symbol?

If you have a numeric keyboard, hold down the Alt key and type 0151 for an em dash or 0150 for an en dash. And that series of words was so profoundly absurd that it gave me a migraine. An easier (but no less infuriating) method is to open the emoji keyboard. Press Windows + Period (.) .

How do you type a long dash?

3. 1. Inserting an em-dash in Word

  1. For Mac: press “option+shift+hyphen key”.
  2. For desktop PC: press “alt+ctrl+minus” on the numeric keypad (the number section on the far right of your keyboard).

How do you type a dash in Windows?

How to type an em dash on Windows

  1. Hold the Alt key.
  2. Now type “0151” on the num pad.
  3. A clunkier method, but one that works with any keyboard, is to use the Windows 10 emoji keyboard.
  4. Click the right-most tab with the omega (Ω) symbol on it.
  5. Scroll down until you find the em dash symbol (—).

How do I type an en dash in Windows?

To create an En dash, use the shortcut key combination Ctrl + – . Num Lock must be enabled and you need to use the minus key on the numeric keypad.

How do you make a dash on a laptop?

Use built-in keyboard shortcuts. In Microsoft Word: Em dash (—): Alt+Ctrl+ – (minus) En dash (–): Ctrl + – (minus)

How do you type an en dash in Google Docs?

To create an en dash, press the option and minus key. To create an em dash, press Shift, Option, and the minus key.

How do you type an em dash without a numpad?

Hold down one of the Alt keys and type on the numeric keypad: 0150 for an en dash or 0151 for an em dash. The dash appears when you release the Alt key. On a keyboard with no numeric keypad, use a Fn (Function) key combination to type the numbers.

How do I make an em dash in an email?

Coding the En Dash and Em Dash in Word

  1. PC: Control + Alt + Minus.
  2. PC: Alt + 0151.
  3. Mac: Shift + Alt + Hyphen.

How do you make an em dash on a Chromebook?

In the menu at the top, click Insert then Special Characters. In the next window, set options on left to Punctuation and on right to Dash/Connector. Select em dash and close the window. The em dash is inserted.

How do you make a dash in Microsoft Word?

– Using the Em Dash [—] Alt Code (Windows Only) – Using the Em Dash Shortcut (Mac and Windows) – Copy and Paste Em Dash – Using insert Symbol dialog box – Using AutoCorrect to Type Em dash in Word

How to create a nonbreaking dash in Microsoft Word?

– Select the non-breaking hyphens. (This technique works best if you use four non-breaking hyphens.) – Choose Font from the Format menu. Word displays the Font dialog box. – Make sure the Character Spacing tab is selected. (See Figure 1.) – Using the Spacing drop-down list, choose Condensed. – Change the By field to 1.2 pt. – Click on OK.

How do you insert a long dash in word?

– Open your Word document. – Click to place the insertion pointer where you wish to insert the symbol. – Go to the Insert tab.

How do you create an em dash in word?

– The AutoCorrect dialog box will appear. Select the ‘ Replace text as you type’ checkbox. – In the Replace: box, type EMDASH. – By default, the With: box will contain the em dash sign. Just in case it is not there, please paste it there.