How do I setup my first data configuration FD130?

How do I setup my first data configuration FD130?

Connect the Terminal

  1. Remove the cover from the bottom of the terminal.
  2. Plug an ethernet cable (sold separately) into the yellow port, OR plug the included phone cable into the blue port.
  3. Plug the other end of the ethernet cable into a numbered port on the router.
  4. (Optional) Connect a PIN pad to the terminal.

Is the fd150 wireless?

PCI 5.0 – Accepts all major MAG stripe or MSR, PIN Debit, mobile and contactless transactions, EMV Contact and Contactless EMV – Integrated PIN Pad, EMV Chip and Contactless Reader – Compact, space-saving design – Ergonomic keypad – Lights and audio cues – Full color touch screen – IP, Integrated Wi-Fi with dial backup …

How do I connect my first fd150 to WiFi?

How do I configure my FD100/130/200 terminal’s wireless network settings?

  1. Select TOOLS.
  2. Tap WiFi.
  3. Tap Security.
  4. Enter password (you may need to contact your service provider for the password) and select ENTER.
  5. Tap the required security type.
  6. Tap the required network, then using the keypad, enter the SSID.

How do I enable IP on FD130?

How do I configure my FD100/130/200 terminal’s static IP address?

  1. Select TOOLS.
  2. Tap LAN.
  3. Tap Set IP Address.
  4. Using the keypad, enter the IP address.
  5. To save the IP address, press Enter (green button).
  6. To return to the home screen, press Clear (red button) twice.

How do I manually close a batch FD130?

How to: Close Batch FD130/FD150

  1. Select Other on the main screen.
  2. Select Close Batch.
  3. The terminal will process the batch.
  4. The terminal will print out a receipt to confirm your settlement.
  5. The batch is now closed.

How do I connect First Data fd130 to WiFi?


  1. Select wrench and hammer icon.
  2. Choose “WiFi”
  3. Choose “Security”
  4. Enter password: 990712 or 766130.
  5. There will be three fields that need to be filled out: SECURITY TYPE: WiFi network security type.
  6. Press enter and terminal will restart.

How do I connect First Data FD130 to WiFi?

How many keys are there on the fd130?

The FD130 has 15 keys that can be used to select numbers, letters, and to enter data. To enter numbers or letters, simply press the appropriate key. For example, to type the letter A, press

What do the ports on the fd130 do?

Getting to know the FD130 Port connections The ports on the back enable you to add peripherals such as PIN ads, check readers and contactless readers. Phone (blue)

Where do you put the fd130 terminal on a printer?

Where to put the FD130 Terminal Place the terminal on a desk or tabletop. Avoid areas with direct sunlight, objects that radiate heat, excessive dust and other electrical devices that can cause excessive voltage. Loading the paper Pop the printer cover’s latch to open the cover; then lift the cover.

How do you use an fd130 contactless card reader?

Using the contactless reader The card holder will tap his or her contactless card or device against the contactless icon located on the FD130. In some cases, the device may prompt for a second tap to complete the transaction. 10 Using the keypad Through the keypad, the user can select transaction types and enter information.