How do I schedule my advising appointment at Indiana University?

How do I schedule my advising appointment at Indiana University?

Schedule an advising appointment in person or online (for current students with an assigned Advisor):

  1. Login at
  2. Search and select “Student Appointment Scheduler (SAS)”
  3. Select the name of your Advisor.
  4. Click “Schedule Appointment” and select the date and time that works for your calendar.

How do I find my academic advisor IU?

Find my Academic Advisor If you have been assigned an academic advisor, this information can be found by going to One. IU and selecting the Advisor tile. If no advisor is listed, please contact the IU South Bend Gateway by email ( or phone (574) 520-5005.

What is university division general IU?

University Division (UD) is here to help you get a good start academically on the Bloomington campus. UD is the first-year academic home and the advising resource for most new IU Bloomington undergraduate students and for students beyond the first year who continue to prepare for admission to degree-granting programs.

What division is IU Bloomington?

Division I
Indiana athletic teams compete in Division I of the NCAA and are known as the Indiana Hoosiers. The university is a member of the Big Ten Conference; since it does not have a mascot, all teams are known simply as “Hoosiers”.

How do I find my academic advisor Iupui?

Connect with your student success advisors, career consultants, and cluster team members via email or individual appointment. Appointments are available Monday through Friday; please call (317) 274-4856 for availability or schedule online with the form linked below.

How do I meet an advisor at Iupui?

If you are a student looking for advising, please contact your assigned academic advisor or Academic and Career Development in University College. Most students can schedule an advising appointment by visiting and clicking on Get Advising.

How do I change my major Iusb?

If possible, talk to a faculty member in the field you intend to major in. Once you have decided to declare a new major, you can drop your previous major (if you have one) and add a new major using this online form for adding or dropping majors, minors and certificates.

What is direct admit at IU?

Direct admission is typically offered to around 50% of the incoming class. The majority of students begin their academic journey in University Division (UD), where they work with expert advisors to pursue the requirements for their chosen academic program or explore academic programs across IU Bloomington’s 12 schools.

How does Indiana University notify acceptance?

After you apply to any Indiana University campus, the campus Office of Admissions will notify you by email when it’s time for you to create an applicant account.

How much does an academic advisor make at Iupui?

IUPUI Salary FAQs The average salary for an Academic Advisor is $45,965 per year in United States, which is 4% higher than the average IUPUI salary of $43,831 per year for this job.

How do I get an academic advisor at IU?

Most incoming undergraduates are assigned an academic advisor in University Division, which supports them until they enter the degree-granting IU school of their choice and get an advisor there. Students in the Hutton Honors College also have access to honors advising.

How do I schedule an academic advising appointment?

Academic advising appointments may be scheduled through the Student Appointment Scheduler (SAS) on One.IU. Shows future employers and principals that you’re ready for the next step in starting your career.

What can an academic advisor do for me?

In addition to helping you plan your studies, academic advisors can also help you find support services on campus, including tutoring in academic subjects, personal counseling, and help with time management. Academic advising appointments may be scheduled through the Student Appointment Scheduler (SAS) on One.IU.

Why choose IU for your career?

Your academic advisors, your career advisors, and IU support programs help you excel academically, graduate on time, find your ideal path, and take important steps toward your dream career. And your professors and peers challenge you to make the most of your time here.