How do I generate a CFDI?

How do I generate a CFDI?

Llene el formulario para generar su CFDI (factura electrónica). El número de referencia y total deben estar impresos en su ticket. Para cualquier aclaración contacte al emisor (restaurante o comercio al que le pagó). Estamos enviando su solicitud al PAC.

What is CFDI file in SAP?

CFDI which stands for Comprobantes Fiscal Digital por Internet, The electronic billing schema defined by the Mexican federal tax code. As a part of BASIS team, we need to implement PSE file into SAP system to make sure we can generate IDOC for the government website. Master SAP note: 2327391 – FAQ of Mexico’s Digital Invoice CFDI 3.3

What is a global CFDI document?

For more information about CFDI electronic invoices, see Electronic invoices (CFDI). When a company closes the daily process, it must issue a Global CFDI document to consolidate all receipts that were issued to the final consumers.

How are global CFDI electronic invoices verified and certified?

After the Global CFDI electronic invoices are generated, they are verified and certified by a digital signature service provider (PAC) in the same way as other CFDI documents. For more information, see Electronic invoices (CFDI) and Inquire and print an electronic invoice. To generate and submit a Global CFDI electronic invoice, follow these steps.