How do I fix WHM server load?

How do I fix WHM server load?

To fix the server load issue, you can click Server Status —> Daily Process Log menu item at the left to display today’s process summary info. From the daily process log, you can see which user and process cost most CPU usage today, then you can fix the issue accordingly.

What causes high load on server?

The vast majority of high server load errors are caused by an excessive or persistent utilization of one, or a combination, of the following system resources: CPU. RAM / Memory (including swap space) Disk I/O.

What is high server load?

A high load average means that a system or server is overloaded and many processes are waiting for CPU time. So there will be a number of processes waiting for completion and it will be in the queue leads to load on the server. Major Causes of High Load. Overloaded server.

How do I check my CPU usage in WHM?

1) Scroll down to System Health in the menu. 2) Start with Show Current CPU Usage. This page displays a sizeable list of the processes running on your server. Next to each process, you’ll see who’s running it, how much CPU and Memory it’s using, as well as the command that was used to run the process.

How is high load diagnosed?

How to diagnose high server loads

  1. You will want first to determine it is related to memory, CPU, or I/O; you can do this with the sar command.
  2. Next, you can use the sar utility to determine if the load is due to memory, high CPU load, or high I/O.

What causes high load average on Linux?

If you spawn 20 threads on a single-CPU system, you might see a high load average, even though there are no particular processes that seem to tie up CPU time. The next cause for high load is a system that has run out of available RAM and has started to go into swap.

What is server load average?

What is a load average? The load average is the average system load on a Linux server for a defined period of time. In other words, it is the CPU demand of a server that includes sum of the running and the waiting threads.

How do I lower cPanel CPU usage?

  1. Check Bandwidth Usage. Check how much bandwidth you’re actually using (in GoDaddy’s cPanel go to Web Hosting > Manage > Bandwidth).
  2. Enable Hotlink Protection.
  3. Upgrade To PHP 7.3.
  4. Heartbeat Control.
  5. Clean Database With WP-Optimize.
  6. Black Bad Bots.
  7. Eliminate High CPU Plugins.
  8. Delete Unused Plugins + Themes.

How troubleshoot load average in Linux?

We have 4 ways to check the load average on Linux.

  1. cat /proc/loadavg.
  2. uptime.
  3. w.
  4. top.

What causes high load average?

What is high load average?

High load averages imply that a system is overloaded; many processes are waiting for CPU time.