How do I enable components in Sidekick?

Enable/Disable Components

How do I enable components in Sidekick?

Enable/Disable Components

  1. To enter Design mode, open a page for editing and use the Sidekick icon:
  2. Click Edit on the Paragraph system (Design of par).
  3. A dialog will be opened, listing the component groups that are shown in the Sidekick together with the individual components that they contain.

How do I add components to AEM?

Creating a Sightly Component in AEM

  1. In Crxde , Navigate to /apps/training/components/ .
  2. Select myComponent. jsp under /apps/training/components/ and rename it to myComponent.
  3. Double click on myComponent. html .
  4. Lets use API’s to display basic page information. Edit myComponent.

How do I enable components in AEM?

Enable/Disable Components To either enable or disable a component: Select the Design mode. Tap or click on a component. The component will have a blue border when selected.

What is sidekick in AEM?

The sidekick is the most important tool you’ll use when maintaining content in CQ. It serves as your control panel and toolbox. It is important to become familiar with the sidekick and its functions.

How do I open classic UI in AEM?

Switch User Interface from Touch UI to Classic UI for Specific User

  1. Login to aem as user.
  2. Select the user icon in the top right hand corner.
  3. Select the settings icon.
  4. Change Authoring Mode to Classic.

How do I add video components in AEM?

Install XQuartz/X11. FFmpeg must be in PATH so AEM can pick it up via command line….Install FFmpeg and configure AEM

  1. Download the compiled binary as ffmpeg. zip.
  2. Unzip to a folder.
  3. Set the system environment variable PATH to <*your-ffmpeg-locatio*n>\bin.
  4. Restart AEM.

How do you overlay text components in AEM?

The Text Overlay feature is only available, if you have installed AEM 6.3 Feature Pack 5 or AEM 6.4 Feature Pack 3….Using Text Overlay

  1. Create an AEM Screens project (in this example, TextOverlayDemo)
  2. Create a sequence channel titled as TextSample under Channels folder.
  3. Add content to your TextSample Channel.

How do you add a component from the Components tab to the layout system?

Components can still be added to the Tabs Component by dragging from the components browser and dropping on the Tabs Component in the page editor.

What does CQ stand for in AEM?

. cq:Component. Current component. A component is of node type cq:Component .

What is the difference between classic UI and touch UI in AEM?

The touch-enabled UI is now the standard UI for AEM, though the classic UI is still supported. The touch-enabled UI has been designed by Adobe to provide consistency in the user experience across multiple products….Differences with the Classic UI.

ExtJS Granite UI
Specialized client libraries Universal client libraries

How do I change from touch UI to Classic UI in AEM?