How do I choose a drum carder?

How do I choose a drum carder?

Selecting a Drum Carder Drum carders come in different sizes. The size of the drum or roller determines how much fiber that you can process at a time as well as the size of the batt. They range in size from @ 8” wide up to 16” wide. They can be hand crank or electric.

How close should the drums be on a drum carder?

The teeth on coarser cloths are a bit thicker/stiffer, so you don’t have to worry about them bending/needing to replace the cloth as often. Some drum carders allow you to adjust the spacing between the licker and the swift. You will want more spacing, about 1/4″ for a coarser cloth, such as 72 or lower.

What does card the wool mean?

Every spring, sheep were shorn. Their wool was trimmed off, and then cleaned and combed to prepare it for spinning. Carding or combing wool is a necessary step in the process of making wool cloth. Carding makes sure all the wool fibers are untangled and aligned in one direction, making it easier to spin smoothly.

What is the difference between hand and drum carding?

(See- Selecting a Carding Cloth below) Drum Carding: Machine carding is done on a device called a drum carder. Drum carders are suitable for larger carding requirements and are quicker to use. The cost of a drum carder, however, is significantly more expensive than hand carders.

How do you use a drum carder?

Clamp the tool near your drum carder or even near where you are hand carding and pull your wool over the teeth to open ends and begin the process of cleaning and carding. Both hands are free to do this since the tool is clamped. Makes for faster, more efficient carding.

Can I replace the carding cloth on my Drum or hand carder?

All our deluxe and motorized models are built of finished solid oak and come with a slide out tray under the large drum that catches all and any debris. We also can replace carding cloth and repair hand carders and drum carders. See our Carder Repair page.

What is a bat in drum carding?

When the fiber comes off the drum, it is in the form of a bat – a flat, orderly mass of fibers. The bat is the length of the circumference of the big drum, and is often the finished product. When carding is complete, a doffer pin or batt picker is used to remove the fiber from the Drum Carder.