How do I check premium Bond winners?

How do I check premium Bond winners?

How to check if you’ve won. You can use your holder’s number on the prize checker on our website and in our prize checker app. You can find your holder’s number on your Bond record or by logging in to your account.

How do I get a list of my Premium Bonds?

Your Premium Bonds are grouped under a single holder’s number. This number has 10 or 9 digits, or 8 digits followed by a letter. You can find your holder’s number by logging in to our online service and checking your Premium Bonds account page. Or you can call us for a replacement Bond record and we’ll sent it to you.

Are you more likely to win the lottery or Premium Bonds?

Your chance of winning the jackpot per ticket on the National Lottery is one in 45 million in a week, far outstripping the one in more than 58 BILLION chance of becoming a millionaire through one single Premium Bond in a month….

Number of bonds Chances of winning £1 million
£50,000 1 in 96,224

Can I check Premium Bonds online?

Once you’ve bought your Premium Bonds you can manage them online and by phone. Log in or call us to check your balance and transactions, including any prizes you’ve won.

How far back can you check Premium Bonds?

You can check the latest results, bond numbers from the past six months of unclaimed prizes, as well as discover any older prizes you haven’t claimed yet (if you won anything).

What happens to unclaimed Premium Bonds?

Please send your letter to: NS&I, Sunderland SR43 2SB. Prizes will then be sent to your home address as a warrant. Unfortunately, we can’t send unclaimed prizes directly to your bank account. If your details have changed since you won the prize, please tell us your old and current details and sign your letter.

Is there a downside to Premium Bonds?

The cons. There’s no interest: If your Bonds are not randomly chosen in the monthly prize draw, you will not see any returns on your investments at all. The odds aren’t great: The chance of winning anything (i.e. the £25 minimum) is 1 in 24,500.

Has anyone ever won a million on Premium Bonds?

Hannah won the £1 million jackpot in August 2004 – it was her first win. Her wining Bond, a number 50HXH949682, came from a £3,000 investment made in February 2003.

Can husband and wife both have Premium Bonds?

Premium bonds cannot be held jointly with another person. Additionally, premium bonds cannot be nominated to pass to a beneficiary when a person dies.

How far back do unclaimed Premium Bonds last?

18 months
Each year, we produce a list of the Bond numbers of all unclaimed prizes, dating back to June 1957. A prize that remains uncashed for 18 months is classed as unclaimed.

What are the rules for buying premium bonds?

You must be aged 16 or over and buying Bonds for yourself or for a child under 16. You or the child must already have some Premium Bonds, and you must know your (or the child’s) holder’s number. Each investment must be at least £25 and in whole pounds. The bank account must be a UK account in your name.

How do I buy Premium Bonds for a child?

If you or a child you’re buying for already have some Premium Bonds, you can buy via bank transfer (including standing order). How do I buy Premium Bonds for people under 16? Premium Bonds can make a special gift for a child under 16.

How do Premium Bonds work?

With Premium Bonds, there is no interest earned. Instead the interest rate funds a monthly prize draw for tax-free prizes. Remember that inflation can reduce the true value of your money over time.

How many prizes do we pay out on Lucky bond holders?

We pay out around three million prizes every month to lucky Bond holders, whose numbers are generated at random by our random-number generator, ERNIE. Prizes range from £25 to £1 million and are all tax-free. To find out more about ERNIE and the prize draw, head to our blog: