How do I change my webmail logo in Roundcube?

How do I change my webmail logo in Roundcube?

All the Roundcube Plus skins can use custom-made branding images at the top of the main page of the webmail, on the login page, and on the printed messages. All the settings and instructions necessary to set your own images can be found in the file plugins/xskin/config. inc.

How do I change the layout in Roundcube?

Go to Settings in the top right of the webmail client. Navigate to Preferences – User Interface. In the section titled Interface Skin change the toggle to the skin called “Larry” from “Droid” for the devices, you access your email from. Click on the Save button, your mail client will reload with the default template.

Who owns Roundcube?

The Roundcube Team
Roundcube is free and open-source software subject to the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL-3.0-or-later), with exceptions for skins and plugins….Roundcube.

Developer(s) The Roundcube Team
Written in PHP
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Webmail

How do I create an HTML signature in Roundcube?

In order to add an HTML signature, you need to edit an Identity within Roundcube….Using the HTML Signature in Roundcube

  1. Click on SETTINGS.
  2. Click on PREFERENCES.
  4. Click on Always for the Compose HTML messages.
  5. Click SAVE to save your preferences.

How do I change my webmail logo?

How To Upload Custom Brand and Webmail Logos

  1. Log in to WHM.
  2. Navigate to Home » cPanel » Customization.
  3. Click on the Customize Brand tab.
  4. Click Browse under either Company Logo or Webmail Logo per your preferred log type.
  5. Choose the Logo that you wish to upload.
  6. Click Save at the bottom.

How do I change webmail layout?

Office 365 email You can change the view in Office 365 by clicking on the gear icon and choose Display Settings > Reading pane > and then selecting which layout they want. You then should press the ✔OK icon.

How do I change the font size in roundcube?

Learn how to change the default font family and font size for emails you compose in Roundcube Webmail….Summary

  1. Click Settings > Preferences > Composing Messages.
  2. Select the Default font for HTML message drop-down list and select a font family and font size.
  3. Click Save.

Where is RoundCube located?

Roundcube webmail is installed under below directory by default: RHEL/CentOS: /opt/www/roundcubemail .

Is RoundCube a mail server?

Roundcube is a web-based IMAP email client with a very intuitive and modern user interface written in PHP. To use Roundcube you only need a Web browser .

How do I change my logo on cPanel?

How to Change Your Front End Logo in WHMCS

  1. Log into cPanel.
  2. Click File Manager.
  3. Navigate to the root folder for your WHMCS install, then go to the templates/six/img folder.
  4. Rename the existing logo.
  5. Click Upload.
  6. Click Select File.
  7. Navigate to your logo file.
  8. Click Upload.

How to change the logo of Roundcube?

Now you have several possibilities to change the logo. If you have installed Roundcube from the project website, there is a config/ folder: If you use Roundcube from Debian project the configuration files are in folder /etc/roundcube/: In the config/ folder you will find a Below the default skin definition add your logo:

How do I brand my Roundcube?

Once you have Roundcube up and operational on your server, you may what to brand roundcube, or white labe roundcube with your business logo. This is very simple. The logo is help in the skins directory under the active skin.

How to change Roundcube Webmail login page attributes?

To change the roundcube webmail login page attributes via custom config file.. Actually roundcube is very flexible to change many things. All the attributes are in the main config file to play over.

What is Roundcube?

Roundcube is an independent open source project with a developer community of its own providing support, documentation, themes and plugins. Roundcube’s feature set offers many of the features mainstream clients provide: Here’s a complete list of RoundCube features.