How can I upgrade from 11g to 12c?


How can I upgrade from 11g to 12c?


  1. stop the listener and shutdown the database. lsnrctl stop LISTENER_PROD SQL>shutdown immediate.
  2. Move the spfile and password file from 11g oracle_home/dbs location to 12cHome/dbs location.
  3. start the database in upgrade mode.
  4. Run the Post-Upgrade Status Tool.

Is Oracle 11.2 still supported?

31-Dec 2022: All support ends. 11.2. 0.4 may cease to function at any time.

How do I upgrade to 12c?

Manual Upgrading Oracle Database From 11.2. 0.4 to 12.2. 0.1

  1. Run the preupgrade tool: The preupgrade.
  2. Shutdown the database:
  3. Copy the parameter and password file from the 11g home to the new 12c home.
  4. Set new ORACLE HOME of 12c location:
  5. Run
  6. Run “postupgrade_fixups.
  7. Execute utlu122s.
  8. Execute catuppst.

Is Oracle 11g end of life?

From the 31st December 2020, Oracle are stopping extended support on 11g database. This could have a huge impact on your business if you’re running 11g, as you’ll no longer be supported.

Is Oracle 12c EOL?

As such, Oracle 12c users will have known for a while that the Premier Support comes to an end on 30th November 2020 (although there is a Limited Error Correction Period which runs to 31st March 2022 – see here for details Oracle Lifetime Support Policy).

Is Oracle 12c faster than 11g?

Data was transferred from 11g to 12c using datapump. You would think that, given the resources of the 2 machines and improvements to Oracle itself, the Oracle12c database would be roughly the same speed, but instead we’ve found that the Oracle 12c database was around 10-20% slower than 11g.

Which is better Oracle 10g or 11g?

Difference between Oracle 10g and Oracle 11g Compared with Oracle 10g, the later version of Oracle 11g offers more simplified, automated, and advanced memory management tools and features. The latter is equipped with better abilities to diagnose faults via inbuilt infrastructure.

How do you update a database?

The Basics: Database Upgrade Steps

  1. Step 1: Login with Admin Rights.
  2. Step 2: Connect as the Sole User.
  3. Step 3: Backup your Database.
  4. Step 4: Install the Latest Version (if Necessary)
  5. Step 5: Upgrade the Database.
  6. Step 6: Force Refresh.
  7. Step 7: Verify your Data.
  8. Step 8: Upgrade Workstations.

How do I upgrade a Oracle database to the new release?

Oracle Database 11gRelease 2 (11.2) supports the following tools and methods for upgrading a database to the new release: ■Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA) Provides a graphical user interface that guides you through the upgrade of a database.

What’s new in Oracle Database 11?

Database Replay Starting with Oracle Database 11gRelease 1 (11.1), you can use the new Database Replay feature to perform real-world testing of a database upgrade on your site’s production workload before actually upgrading the production database.

What is the 1-8 Oracle database upgrade guide?

1-8Oracle Database Upgrade Guide ■Default, Minimum, and Maximum Values of the COMPATIBLE Initialization Parameter for Oracle ■Considerations for Downgrading Oracle Database and Compatibility ■How the COMPATIBLE Initialization Parameter Operates in Oracle Database ■Checking the Compatibility Level of Oracle Database

How to downgrade Oracle Database 11grelease 2?

You can downgrade your Oracle Database 11gRelease 2 (11.2) database to a major release or a relevant patchset upgrade. To downgrade the database to an earlier release 1. If you have enabled Oracle Database Vault on your database, then you must: ■Grant the Database Vault DV_PATCH_ADMIN role for the SYS account.