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How can I check my re-entry visa in Saudi Arabia?

How can I check my re-entry visa in Saudi Arabia?

You do not need to log in; simply enter your Iqama number and date of birth or passport number to check the status of your Saudi visa. Here are the steps; Visit the Muqeem portal: https://muqeem.sa/#/visa-validity/check. Select English from the top menu.

What is re-entry visa in Saudi?

Reviewed 29 March 2022 A Saudi exit/re-entry visa is an essential document for beneficiaries who have family members or domestic workers outside KSA, and for employees wishing to go out of Saudi Arabia and return to the Kingdom within a stipulated time.

How can I check re-entry visa?

The service is used to inquire validity, type and details of Exit/Re-entry Visa….Steps to complete the service

  1. Click on the service link.
  2. Log in to the Absher platform.
  3. Log in to (Guaranteed Services).
  4. Click on (Inquiries), then (Exit and Return Visa Status).
  5. The visa details will appear to you.

How do I extend my re-entry visa?

Application Type: Extend Exit Re-Entry Visa Duration….Payment for Exit Re-Entry Visa extension

  1. Download the Application through PlayStore or iTunes.
  2. Log in to your internet banking account.
  3. Click on the three dots on the left-upper corner.
  4. Select “Payments“.
  5. Press the “Government Payments” button.

How can I cancel my re-entry visa?

The applicant must pay the visa fee….Steps to complete the service

  1. Login to Absher.
  2. Select visa services from the list of e-services.
  3. Select the individual for whom you would like to issue the an exit and re-entry visa.
  4. Fill in the required information.
  5. Click on Issue exit and Re-entry Visa.

How can I extend my re-entry visa in KSA?

For employees, a letter signed and stamped by the sponsor addressed to the Saudi Consulate abroad requesting them to extend the single/multiple re-entry visa. 5. For dependents , the Exit & Re-entry Visa Extension Form to be filled in Arabic through the Ministry of foreign affairs’ website (www.mofa.gov.sa).

Can we extend exit re-entry visa Saudi Arabia?

The consular section can extend your exit re-entry visa for a maximum of 30 days only if your stay outside the Kingdom does not exceed 7 months. If your stay outside the Kingdom exceeds 7 months, your sponsor must obtain an authorization to extend your exit re-entry visa from the proper authorities in Saudi Arabia.

Can Saudi exit reentry visa be extended?

The validity of residency and exit re-entry return visas will be extended for residents who are outside the Kingdom in countries from which travel was suspended due to a COVID-19 outbreak until March 31, except for those who have already received one dose of the vaccine inside the Kingdom before they departed.

How can I renew my re-entry visa online in Saudi Arabia?

Steps to complete the service

  1. Login to Absher platform.
  2. Select (Passport Services) from the list of e-services.
  3. (Choose the service (Visit Visa Extension.
  4. Enter the required information and attachments.
  5. Pay the fees.
  6. Submit your application.

How many times visit visa can be extended?

Note that you can only renew your visit visa for two times maximum. You will have a maximum of 60 days extension. If you happen to extend the visa on the last day, you will have to pay a fee of 100 AED.

Can I extend my exit re-entry visa?

How to get an exit reentry visa in Saudi Arabia?

Original passport valid for no less than six (6) months,with at least two (2) successive empty visa pages.

  • To fill your online application and make a visa payment,please log on to https://enjazit.com.sa/.
  • Copy of valid residence permit and copy of the last extension,if applicable.
  • How to check re entry visa status?

    you can check Eserve visa validity (Exit Re entry)) on Muqeem KSA online portal as well as on Absher plateform. If you use Muqeem portal, then you can check exit re entry visa validity (khurooj auda) by Iqama number and Date of Birth. You can also use Passport number, Name and iqama expiry date as well.

    How to check Saudi visa status with passport number online?

    First Enter your passport number

  • Enter your current Nationality
  • Visa type – To check yellow slip visa or permanent family visa you should “Resident” as visa type
  • Visa Issuing authority – The place where your visa is issued by the Saudi embassy and Saudi consulate which has stamped the visa on your passport.
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  • Do Americans need a visa to visit Saudi?

    There are many options, including business visas, diplomatic visas, and religious pilgrimage visas. From September 2019, American citizens have also been able to apply for a tourist visa for Saudi Arabia through a simple eVisa application, eliminating the need to visit an embassy or consulate to obtain travel authorization.