Does EPCC offer scholarships?

Does EPCC offer scholarships?

EPCC offers a variety of scholarships for new, continuing, and transfer students. EPCC administers numerous scholarships for students based on merit, financial need (as determined by completing the FAFSA), educational background or academic major.

What GPA do you need for EPCC?

GPA Students are required to maintain a calculated Cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 (equivalent to “C” grade), which includes all developmental course work. Students are required to successfully complete two thirds (2/3) of hours attempted in order to remain eligible.

What is the tuition for EPCC?

In-state tuition 3,274 USD, Out-of-state tuition 5,314 USD (2019 – 20)El Paso Community College / Undergraduate tuition and fees

How do I send my transcripts to EPCC?

Transcripts may be mailed to:

  1. Admissions & Registration Office.
  2. El Paso Community College.
  3. PO Box 20500.
  4. El Paso, TX 79998.

What is UTEP Federal School Code?

The student must also ensure that UTEP’s Federal School Code (003661) is added on their FAFSA application in order to be considered for financial aid at UTEP.

What is my EPCC email address?

EPCC provides students and staff with a fully featured email account: – for students. – for staff.

What is a passing grade for EPCC?

Each practical exam must be passed with a minimum score of 80% in order to have successfully completed that practical.

How do I apply for financial aid at EPCC?


  1. Step 1: FAFSA. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which is available at any EPCC Campus or click on FAFSA and apply online.
  2. Step 2: Admission and Transcripts. Complete an EPCC admissions application if you are a new student.
  3. Step 3: Additional Documentation.
  4. Step 4: Award Letter.

How much do EPCC professors make?

How much does an Instructor make at El Paso Community College in the United States? Average El Paso Community College Instructor yearly pay in the United States is approximately $46,870, which is 12% below the national average.

How do I pay for classes at EPCC?

Installment Payment Plan Instructions

  1. Visit Online Payment.
  2. Click on Student and Staff.
  3. Enter your EPCC ID number and password.
  4. Click Payment Plans.
  5. Enroll in a Payment Plan.
  6. Print out your contract, it will have your payment dates on it. No reminders will be sent by EPCC.

How do I get my transcripts from EPCC?

Sign into the Gateway (Student Portal) and then click on the My Account icon and then click on the Courses tab. Click the Transcript button to view it in the browser. If you would like a printable copy, click on the Print Transcript link.