Does Bafang make good motors?

Does Bafang make good motors?

They have a fantastic selection of motors and have 18 years of experience in the industry. They are a globally recognized e-bike manufacturer and we like and recommend Bafang for entry to mid-level bikes and conversion kits.

Which Bafang Middrive is best?

If you want the best reliability and low maintenance, you should go for a Bafang hub motor conversion kit. Such a kit is really reliable and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. You will, however, have to sacrifice the great versatility, power, torque, and convenience of the Bafang BBS02 mid-drive motors.

Is bafang a Chinese company?

Bafang is one of the most recognized Chinese motor manufacturers in the electric bike world. Their motors are found on many e-bikes all over the world. The company was founded in 2003 but the founders roots in electric motor development & production go back to 1998.

How long will a bafang hub motor last?

between 3,000 to 10,000 miles
As a result, the typical eBike gear-hub motor will have to be replaced typically between 3,000 to 10,000 miles, depending on the quality of the motor and how hard you push your eBike. Fortunately, gear-hub motors are far less expensive than mid-drive motors, and they are easier to replace and install as well.

How long do bafang mid drive motors last?

However, the benefit of a mid-drive motor is that they are often compatible with a belt drive, which can provide up to 5,000 miles of riding before needing to be swapped out.

How long will a Bafang mid drive last?

How much does a bafang motor weigh?

The Bafang BBS02 motor weighs 9.5 pounds and the whole kit including the rest of the parts weigh a total of approximately 12 pounds. The Bafang BBSHD motor weighs 12.5 pounds and the whole kit including the rest of the parts weigh a total of approximately 15 pounds.

Are bafang Motors brushless?

BAFANG Brushless Hub Motor for Fat Bike 48v / 750 watt.

Is Bafang mid drive available in Canada?

I see you have been a member a short time (maybe only a month for me) and thought you might want to be aware of Bafang mid drive that is not in Canada. Look up If you go to their Arcion (sp) controller and read about it you may find it of interest.

Who is Bafang?

Bafang, one of the leading manufacturers of e-mobility components and complete e-drive systems, has been developing components and complete systems for electric vehicles since 2003. The company focuses on all global e-mobility trends of the future. Bafang employs about 1000 staff worldwide in eight locations.

Where are Bafang products made?

The head office, development and manufacturing center is based in Suzhou, near Shanghai. Bafang has Sales and Service Centers in the Netherlands, in the USA, in Germany, in Japan and in Taiwan, China. The newly opened factory in Poland will focus on production of mid motors systems for the European markets.