Do social workers deal with abortion?

Do social workers deal with abortion?

As social workers, the right to bodily autonomy, including getting an abortion, inherently aligns with our ethical standards as social workers.

Is abortion legal in MSW?

Abortion was decriminalised in New South Wales on 2 October 2019 with the royal assent of the Abortion Law Reform Act 2019, passed a week earlier by both houses of the New South Wales parliament. The legislation took abortion out of the 119-year-old criminal code and regulated it as a medical procedure.

What are barriers to abortion?

Previous studies have documented individual barriers that delay access to abortion—difficulty in raising the funds to cover the costs of the procedure and travel, late pregnancy recognition, lack of insurance coverage, difficulty locating a provider, and distance and arranging travel.

Is abortion a public health concern?

It is now more than 50 years since the World Health Assembly recognized abortion as a serious public health problem.

Why is abortion important in social work?

In fact, the NASW’s official position is that abortion is a vital aspect of family planning, and thus compels social workers to include abortion when consulting with clients about their healthcare choices and family planning needs[7].

When can you terminate a pregnancy Australia?

A woman can access abortion up to a gestational limit of 24 weeks. Beyond the 24 weeks, a medical practitioner can provide an abortion if another medical practitioner agrees that an abortion is appropriate in all the circumstances.

How is abortion done in the hospital?

inject a numbing medication into or near your cervix. stretch the opening of your cervix with a series of dilating rods. insert a thin tube through your cervix into your uterus. use a combination of medical tools and a suction device to gently take the pregnancy tissue out of your uterus.