Did Zobrist sell his ring?

Did Zobrist sell his ring?

But the day after the story went viral in 2021, Zobrist denied he had sold his ring. His representatives sent to the Tribune a time-stamped photo of Zobrist wearing the ring to prove it was still in his possession. In case anyone still has doubts, Ben Zobrist shows off his 2016 World Series ring today.

What did Zobrist wife do?

Ben Zobrist claimed that his wife had an affair with their minister, for whom he is suing. Zobrist said the minister defrauded his charity foundation to tune of $6 million. He also says that Julianna ‘coaxed’ him into returning to the Cubs.

Is Zobrist married?

Zobrist married Major League Baseball player Ben Zobrist in 2005. They have three children together: a son and two daughters.

What is Ben Zobrist’s salary?

10 million USD (2016)Ben Zobrist / Salary

How much do World Series rings sell for?

A World Series ring belonging to Casey Stengel sold for $180,000. Lenny Dykstra’s 1986 World Series ring sold for over $56,000 during his bankruptcy proceedings. Other rings sold in auctions have sold for over $10,000 apiece. Replica rings given to fans have sold for as much as $300.

Did the Zobrists divorce?

Eureka native Ben Zobrist first filed divorce papers in 2019, during the last of his 14 seasons as a major-league baseball player. He missed two-thirds of his 2019 Chicago Cubs season in an attempt to repair his marriage.

Who is Julianna Zobrist pastor?

Julianna spent $30,000 on a retirement party for Pastor Byron Yawn, according to the Chicago Cubs player, and her involvement with him is the major reason for the Zobrists’ divorce.

How much did the 2021 World Series ring cost?

The Atlanta Braves are selling a ‘World Champions Burger’ that has all the fixings! For $151, you also get a replica World Series ring with your order. OR For $25,000, it comes with a limited-edition World Series ring.

Is Robin Yawn still married?

Yawn and his wife, Robin Yawn, divorced earlier this year. The Zobrists were married in 2005. They have three children; the oldest is 12.

How long did Ben Zobrist play for the Cubs?

After being acquired in a 2015 trade, Zobrist played in 59 regular-season games with the Royals but helped them win the World Series that fall. Zobrist then signed a four-year deal with the Cubs and helped Chicago win the 2016 World Series. You can see photos of the home here.

How much did Ben Zobrist buy his house for?

The home is being sold for $2,099,900 and the Zobrists bought it in 2016 for $1.84 million, per After being acquired in a 2015 trade, Zobrist played in 59 regular-season games with the Royals but helped them win the World Series that fall.

Where does Ben Zobrist live?

Zobrist, 39, has homes in Chicago and outside of Nashville, Tennessee, but not for long. The Chicago Tribune reported Zobrist is planning to sell his house in the Windy City. That house was just two miles from Wrigley Field, so Zobrist once rode his bicycle to a game while in full uniform: