Can you wear jeans at Flemings?

Can you wear jeans at Flemings?

Fleming’s does not have a dress code per say. However, our Guests typically wear business casual attire. For the men jackets and or a collared shirt is suggested. We look forward to the pleasure of your company in the future.

How many Flemings are in the US?

Today, there are nearly 70 restaurants nationwide. For more information about Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar, please visit

Does Flemings Charlotte have valet?

Valet parking is located 20 yards past the front entrance to Fleming’s on College Street.

Does Toscana have a dress code?

Smart casual is the expected dress code through out the Club. Shorts, cargo pants, tee shirts, tank tops, open midriffs, jeans or denim are not allowed on the Club grounds at any time.

Who owns Flemings Restaurant?

Bloomin’ BrandsFleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar / Parent organization

Who is Flemings owned by?

Bloomin’ Brands
Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

Type Wholly owned subsidiary
Products American cuisine (steak • seafood • chicken)
Parent Bloomin’ Brands
Footnotes / references

What does Flemings Serve with bread?

There’s nothing like breaking bread with loved ones – especially when that bread is our crisp and airy Sourdough Loaf, accompanied by our Champagne-Infused Brie and seasonal Cabernet Red Onion spreads.

Is a cardigan business casual?

Your basic cardigan is a staple in business casual attire, and it can be a simple waist-length cardigan or a longer boyfriend one. Your sweater can have buttons, no buttons, or have a draped front collar. With longer cardigans, you can even use a skinny belt to add some definition and a different look to an outfit.

Why Fleming’s private dining rooms?

Available for lunch and dinner, our Private Dining Rooms can easily accommodate events ranging from intimate wine dinners to large business presentations. Every room also features a Cisco® conferencing system for video connection with all our other Fleming’s locations and up to five satellite sites.

Why choose Fleming’s of Orlando/Sand Lake?

Close to the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando International Airport, Universal Studios and Walt Disney World, Fleming’s of Orlando/Sand Lake is an outstanding choice for corporate private dining events.

What are the best lunch restaurants in Orlando?

Orlando Lunch Restaurants 1. Yellow Dog Eats. 2. NYPD Pizza. 3. Border Grill Fresh-Mex. 4. Hot Krust Panini Kitchen. 5. Mrs. Potato. 6. Bosphorous Turkish Cuisine – Winter Park. 7. Blaze Pizza. 8. Bosphorous Turkish Cuisine. 9. Q’Kenan Restaurant. 10. First Watch. 11. Ethos Vegan Kitchen.

Where is Fleming’s in Winter Park Florida?

Your Winter Park Fleming’s is located in Winter Park on the corner of Lee Road and Orlando Avenue. Fleming’s in Winter Park is an outstanding choice to enjoy an exceptional Prime steak, glass of wine or handcrafted cocktail in Orlando.