Can you kiss teachers in Bully?

Can you kiss teachers in Bully?

Kissing is a mechanic in Bully with which Jimmy has Girlfriends or Boyfriends and can kiss them for a health bonus….Art class bonuses.

Class Kissing animation Reward
Art 3 Hug and prolonged kiss 175% health
Art 4 Full make-out 200% health
Art 5 Full make-out (same as Art 4) Girls no longer request a gift (boys still do)

Who can you romance in Bully?

Couples and relations in Bully

  • 1 Jimmy’s Relationships. 1.1 With Eunice Pound. 1.2 With Beatrice Trudeau. 1.3 With Pinky Gauthier.
  • 2 Other Couples. 2.1 Johnny Vincent & Lola Lombardi. 2.2 Gord Vendome & Lola Lombardi.
  • 3 Relations. 3.1 Pinky & Derby. 3.2 Dan & Thad.
  • 4 Possible Relations. 4.1 Wade, Christy, & Mr. Martin.

Who is Zoe in Bully?

Molly Fox
Zoe Taylor is a main character in Bully. She is a member of the Townies when Jimmy first meets her, and one of the Non-Clique Students while attending Bullworth Academy later on. She was voiced by Molly Fox.

Who is Ms Philips?

Ms. Deidre Philips is the Art and Photography teacher. She was voiced by Blair Ross.

Can you date guys in Bully?

In the game Bully, the player-character Jimmy Hopkins can romance non-player characters. Some of these optional romances are part of specific in-game plot lines, all of which are with female characters in specific cliques.

How old is Mandy in Bully?

Mandy Wiles

Many Wiles
Also known as Mandi, Wiles, Miles, That B*atch, Ted’s girl, bully, mean stuff, Cheerleader
Nationality American
Born March 19, 1990
Age 31

How old is Zoe in Bully?


Zoe Taylor
Age 16 (as of the events of Bully, Fall 2006 to Summer 2007) now 29
Status Alive
Birthplace Bullworth, Cholla Hills, Texas, United States of America
Deathplace N/A

Where is Lola bully?

She appears on the front cover of a magazine called BlaBlaBla that is found in Old Bullworth Vale Beauty Salon.

Where is Beatrice in Bully?

In the Chapter 5 mission Rats in the Library, Beatrice is seen in front of the library with many of the other nerds, complaining with them about the rat infestation in the library.

Where is Lola Bully?

How old is Lola Bully?

Lola Lombardi
Born October 22nd, 1989
Age 17 (as of the events of Bully Autumn 2006 to Summer 2007) 29 now
Status Alive
Birthplace Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States of America

Do all girls kiss the same way in Scholarship Edition?

Excluding Eunice, all girls have different kissing voices but the same poses. In the Xbox 360 version of Scholarship Edition, Jimmy will always do a full make-out animation with the girls.

Why was my Bully Scholarship Edition MoD removed from the community?

Bully Scholarship Edition Mods (Funny Moments) This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. It is only visible to you. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support . This item is incompatible with Bully: Scholarship Edition.

Is there a beta skin for Bully Scholarship Edition?

a beta skin from Lola Lombardi for Bully: Scholarship Edition. Bully Multiplayer is a free online multiplayer modification for Bully: Scholarship Edition, a game developed by Rockstar Vancouver and released in 2008.

What is the bully texture mod for?

This mod is meant to replace most of the Bully’s textures, giving the game a new look. This mod aims to remove that ”white fog visual” from the game world. Anniversary Edition Timecycle of the iOS & Android versions.